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25,000 Onwards

  • The above price is indicative and is for basic module with basic features
  • The software ranges upto INR 4,50,000 with all the features
  • AMC charges will be 30% of project cost
  • Exact price will depend on the requirements and scope. Please get in touch with us for the same

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Check in HMS software is the perfect technology solution whether it is a small sized hotel or a big resort. The entire software runs on an internet browser and can be accessed from any computer anytime, anywhere. All of its features are integrated into a single web-based system eliminating the need for and the cost of implementing additional hardware or software.  

Product Features
  • Enables to create & modify the types of rooms available in the hotel and property
  • Helps manage and set in real time, the number of rooms to be made available and solve through website based reservation system
  • Seasonal Rate feature helps the user set different rates for different seasons in advance
  • Decide the kind of amenities to be made available based on room type and determine price for the same
  • Check and manage the occupancy rate in real time avoid the scope of double booking for a room
About The Company
 Aarush Systems is a software development company which has been dedicated to improving every aspect of the education & hospitality industry. The company believes that the drive to make a difference and lead the evolution of IT in these sector is at the core and it makes their solutions effective. The company has been working to create new stories of improvement. The rise of consumer technology and the increasing take-up of this technology by clients combined with the shorter life cycles of technology creates considerable benefits for all the stakeholders.

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