Advance Restaurant Inventory Management

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Inventory management by ATS is a user friendly software that makes managing stock a simple job. The solution provides user with full control of inventory and the software is compatible with most of the barcode scanners. With this a user can automatically keep a track of the product costs and generate daily restaurant profitability. The solution also helps in tracking pilferage and deviations in material usage by keeping a full track of inventory from purchase till sale.

Product Features
The software is holistic inventory management software specifically designed for restaurants and helps in efficient management of inventory and drive profitability.
  • Users can use barcode scanner to manage inventory quickly
  • Stock can be maintained for all or selected items of the menu
  • Quantitative analysis of raw material and beverages can be done
  • Supports multiple units of measurement
  • Maintains consumption of items to identify popular item
  • A user can create menu items along with their recipes
  • Has a provision to enter store receipts & issues to cost centers
  • A user can keep track of inventories at each cost center, day end stock, etc.
  • Can track supplier wise/item wise purchases
  • Raw item Issue V/S Consumption variance
  • Daily restaurant food cost can be determined using the solution
  • Item consumption and item purchase trend for a particular date, month and year can be determined
  • Item issued for a particular date, month and year can be determined
About the Company
Advance Technology Systems (ATS) is a software consulting and development firm offering cutting - edge and targeted insights to support competitive decision making. ATS has a track record in projects in the government, private and public sector in local and international organizations. ATS F&B is a combination of the latest technology and ATS’s expertise of the Indian market has helped it in its development and integration capabilities.

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