Advance Retail Shop Management System

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With multiple transactions happening at a given point of time, the solution helps in tracking the inventory, sales and also cash which is of utmost importance. The solution is capable managing a retail store and helps generate reports for total sales and inventory at the closing time. ATS Retail is a great value for money products that help stores operate effectively and efficiently.

Product Features
ATS Retail solution is a user friendly and flexible retail store management solution which helps in increasing efficiency and performance. This highly integrated solution allows real-time monitoring and decision-making. The inventory movements can be controlled from a central warehouse or individual stores, purchases can be coordinated with suppliers, and loyalty and promotions for all stores can be managed from a single location. Businesses can view sales orders received in e-commerce site directly from the POS and process deliveries.
Key Features - User can track and control the stock by defining minimum quantities of each item, at counters the staff can offer reward points for actions like purchases, user can track and control the stock by defining minimum quantities of each item. The solution has a user friendly and touch screen compatible front end which proves to be an efficient one.
Inventory Tracking Control - The Inventory module features help the users to stock the product efficiently and track fast moving and non-moving products. The accurate stock position for all the outlets can be identified from a single platform. Retail system records all vital details of the items such as supplier, purchase order, quantity, and rate.
CRM & Loyalty - Users can run their own loyalty program for customers. These intuitive features allow grouping customers, understanding their purchase frequency and planning personalized offers. Coupons and vouchers can be released to get more customers even outside the catchment area.

Uninterrupted fast billing - The solution constitutes smart billing features providing faster checkout experience to the customers. The solution is capable enough to deal with peak hour sales, festival season crowd, different prices for same item, customizable tax options, multiple payment options, instant offers and item discounts.

Below are certain specific features of the solution
·         The solution has a convenient and easy to use POS interface and are adaptable to most retail shops
·         A user can track and control the stock by defining minimum quantities of each item
·         Users can run their own loyalty program for customers
·         At counters, the staff can offer reward points for actions like purchases
·         Allows issuing a free gift card for loyal customers and rewarding them on every purchase
·         A user can speed up their POS with receipt printers, barcode scanners, and touch screens
·         Helps generate real-time reports about business like what items are selling and how the business is growing
·         Has an option to bill for home delivery

About the Company
Advance Technology Systems (ATS) is a Software consulting and development firm offering cutting - edge and targeted insights to support competitive decision making. ATS have a track record in projects in Government, private and public sector for local and international organizations. ATSF&B is a combination of the latest technology and ATS expertise of the Indian market, in development and integration capabilities.

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