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BAIS-ERP (Business Area Integrated Solutions) is a leading edge ERP Software from aSoft Solutions that facilitates the businesses to effectively manage all ERP operations and processes. BAIS-ERP provides a prompt and accurate information base through integration and synchronization of different business operations of a small and medium manufacturing enterprise. Fully equipped with useful reporting tools, the software is precisely developed to provide all the analytical information related to different business processes which can be utilized to rectify errors and improve efficiency.

Product Features

BAIS-ERP is an intuitive software solution with interactive interface which is easy to deploy and use. The solution facilitates businesses with automated modules for each operation and processes involved in entire ERP management. Businesses can manage their domains including purchase, inventory, quality, manufacturing, sales, costing, finance, taxation, maintenance, HRM, engineering, CRM and fixed assets effectively with just a few clicks. Available as both, complete solution or specific modules solution, it lets the business pick best suitable model as per needs and budget. The primary features of BAIS-ERP include:
  • Sales and distribution: The overall sales and distribution in an enterprise can be well managed with this user friendly module addressing each small process pertaining to sales and distribution.
  • CRM: Complete customer relationship management including suppliers, employees, customers etc. can be well administered using the integrated CRM module in the software.
  • Engineering: This module help the organizations administer all engineering processes including product planning and structuring effortlessly from within a single module.
  • Planning: Business planning can be simplifies with this extensive module. Considering the vital information, in-built data analytics allow the businesses to perform the optimal resource planning for enhanced performance and productivity.
  • Purchase: All purchases with details such as purchase orders, purchase returns etc. are allowed to be recorded here. The purchase operations can be managed within this module with all minute details.
  • Inventory: The inventory management has been intensely simplified with this module. Opening and closing stock, stock transfers, transactions, issues and returns- all can be tracked effortlessly and managed well with this intuitive interface.
  • Quality: The Quality control can be administered in an efficient manner with the comprehensive quality monitoring features integrated within the software.
  • Manufacturing: The entire manufacturing lifecycle including all processes can be defined, captured and monitored in this module. This most useful module directly contributes to the productivity enhancement in the businesses.
  • Finance- Finance operations and accounting processes can be carried out flawlessly in this module. The module keeps the track of all financial transactions including journal entries, debit and credit notes, trial balance, P&L, balance sheet etc. and helps in effective decision making.
  • Cost Management: Effective cost management can be enforced with various features and sub modules available under this section. The cost controls can be reinforced with simple and clickable features.
  • Taxation: Auto-calculation of tax has been enabled within the software. The software considers pre-defined criteria to calculate the taxes and provides the accurate tax calculation for instant processing.
  • HRM: Human Resource Management is one of the most useful modules in the software. Employee details management, pay structuring, attendance management, pay calculation, performance tracking and payslip generation among other operations can be carried out effectively.
  • Plant maintenance: Various plant maintenance processes and information can be stored here and can be tracked instantly as and when required.
  • System administration: The administrators can create new users, assign the privileges and configure other related settings here for data security concerns in the software.
About The Company

aSoft Solutions is an ingenious company developing technically reliable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and related cutting edge, integrated technical solutions for an efficacious process and quality control within the business organizations. The company targets to deliver state-of-the-art effective automation solutions for business enterprises adhering to the quality standards of the IT industry and fulfilling the automation needs of the businesses. Targeting the highest technology and economies of scale, an aSoft solution is dedicated towards software quality and timely implementation.

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