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180,000 (On-Premise version)

  • The above price is for 10 users
  • For Cloud version, the cost will be : INR 50,000 (one time set up) + INR 2,000/user/month

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metaCRM by BMR Infotech is a robust CRM software which provides a database for all customer information, helps in meeting business objectives an identifying potential customers. The software is well equipped to take care of various business functions/departments like call centres, social media, data storage, handling customer data and enquiries.
Product Features
metaCRM a holistic true CRM software which aims at bringing in efficiency in operations by enabling the sales team with various tools like lead management, contact management, prospecting, quotations, etc. Below are certain specific modules of the software:
  • Contact Management: metaCRM assists sales process in sales lead generation it enables users to manage Leads and store their corresponding contact detail. Contact classification industry segment wise, source wise, location wise as well as executive/account manager wise enables users to target a particular geography and domain as per service offerings.
  • Sales call management: metaCRM assists sales process in centralizing all business opportunities/sales call on one platform right from having lead identified, converting it to a customer, managing via suspect / prospect calls and key accounts. Each sales lead/call is tracked in detail for the status and day-to-day follow-ups.
  • Targets: Managers can set targets for executives & products, based on which sales related MIS for performance versus targets for executives / products is updated online. metaCRM has an in-built mechanism to define targets for the employee, region, product, as well as for the organization. The sales call tracking automatically updates achievements against the targets and are available at a glance.
  • Appointments: Users can track tasks and activities, schedule meetings, assign tasks to other users, and maintain a historical record of all activities (complete and pending) related to an opportunity.
  • Alerts/feedback: A strong feature with the metaCRM is the system generated alerts which come in when sales calls are closed or a feedback is given by a manager or when new suspects are identified or when a contract is won. The details of alerts can be viewed directly from the homepage.
  • Library files: metaCRM has a central depository of sales documents required by the sale reps. this ensures that users use standard documents across the organization.
  • Closed inquiry: metaCRM maintains complete sales history even for closed calls for any future reference, use, or action.
  • Reports: metaCRM is equipped with a strong Management Information System and data-mining tool. This includes reports on sales calls generated, neglected calls, sales projections, sales funnel, follow - up reports, performance, expenses, order lost reports etc enabling management for decision making and strategy formulation, pipeline visibility, revenue predictability, improve and better competitiveness.
About The Company
BMR Infotech (P) Ltd provides multi-user business management software systems that efficiently manage the administrative functions of an organization. With insights to business development, the Business Management Software offerings are ERP Software, CRM Software and HRM Software which focuses on making effective business decisions and improve revenue generation activities. The company develops flexible softwares which can accommodate various customizations.

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