Brainpower Equipment Maintenance System

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To preserve employee & customer safety and maximize asset productivity, Brainpower Equipment Maintenance System integrates preventive maintenance with asset & components acquisition and tracking. Successful maintenance management can mean difference between an efficiently run operation and that stalled due to equipment failures. With Brainpower Equipment Maintenance System, a user can gain complete visibility into all equipment/machinery details including usage history, warranty information, problem and repair history and preventive maintenance schedule based on usage and thresholds defined.
Product Features
Equipment management System assists companies manage their machinery in multiple ways starting from maintain usage and service history, warranty information, repairs, maintenance, etc.
Below are certain specific features of the software:
  • Has an option for integrated Equipment Master
  • Can work on user defined equipment hierarchies
  • Multiple equipment definition categories
  • A user can check equipment status/usage monitoring
  • Provides preventive maintenance thresholds and automatic triggers
  • Repair maintenance
  • Maintenance work order
  • Components/parts monitoring
  • Downtime analysis
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Equipment listing reports
  • Periodic cost analysis
About The Company
Brainpower provides integrated solutions which enable organizations to serve their customers better, simplify business operations and implement best industry practices with insightful business analytics & reporting. Brainpower products can connect multiple outlets, warehouses, central production units and corporate office through a private cloud based solution. Brainpower solutions are available as ‘on premise’ as well ‘subscription based’ solutions. Dedicated servers at their data enters are used for their very own cloud based ERP, cloud sync & remote back-up services.

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