Brainpower Quick Service POS

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Brainpower POS for food delivery set-up enables timely and seamless order delivery management leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. The software is flexible enough to be integrated with call Centre module to help manage multi-location delivery points. The software provides valuable analytics and feedback at store level and company level enabling restaurants focus on customers, operations and business growth.

Product Features
  • Menu Management
    • Centralized menu management
    • Location-wise menu mapping
    • Menu mapping with POS key pad
    • Ergonomically designed menu
    • Item hierarchy levels
    • Addition of Modifiers
    • Favourite menu mapping
    • Touch screen and desktop enabled
    • Product shelf life definition
    • Menu mix analysis
  • Periodic sales pricing
    • Multi-location differential pricing
    • Product level & category tax mapping
    • Location-wise tax definition
    • Sales type-wise pricing
    • Time-wise, day-wise, period-wise pricing
    • Meal Deals option
    • Multiple discount definitions
    • Multilevel discounts
  • Operations
    • Different sales type
    • Sales forecasting
    • Cash expenses accounting
    • Void functionality/tracking
    • Cancel order rights
    • Advance/Future order
    • Post-midnight operations support
    • Begin Day/Day end at POS
  • CRM
    • Customer profile data
    • Guest History Maintenance
    • Group booking options
    • Demographic mapping & analysis
    • Data for campaigns
    • Auto SMS
    • Loyalty Management Schemes
    • Customer feedback integration with third party
    • Customer loyalty integration with third party
  • Order tracking at kitchen
    • Option to complete order on KDS (Kitchen Display System)
    • Multi station printing of KOT
    • KDS / KOT display time setting in kitchen
    • Bump bars option
    • Auto KDS / KOT display for future order
    • KOT Printing Routes Definitions
    • Kitchen Message Provision
    • Recipe management
    • Multiple unit of measures
    • Speed of service analysis
  • Multi Settlement types
    • Multi payment options
    • Gift Card/voucher option
    • Complimentary bill settlement
    • Splitting of Bills
    • Staff Permissions/Discount Authorization
    • EOD Cashier Reports
  • Delivery Tracking
    • Grid mapping
    • Driver management
    • Order dispatch & delivery status
    • Delivery label printing
    • Auto SMS to customers
    • Delivery time calculation
    • Third party delivery platform integration
    • Delivery cash settlement process
    • Driver performance analysis
  • Security and controls
    • Multi user rights & controls
    • Differential Interface Profile for Staff
    • User defined menu mapping
    • Server-wise sales analysis
    • Employee attendance
    • Audit trail logs
  • Central ERP integration
    • Sales Integration with Central ERP
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Store-wise inventory integration
    • Call centre
    • Material Management System
    • Finance & Accounts
About The Company
Brainpower provides integrated solutions which enables organizations to serve their customers better, simplify business operations and implement best industry practices with insightful business analytics & reporting. Brainpower products can connect multiple outlets, warehouses, central production units and corporate office through a private cloud based solution. Brainpower solutions are available as ‘on premise’ as well ‘subscription based’ solutions. Dedicated servers at their datacentres are used for their very own cloud based ERP, cloud sync & remote back-up services.

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