Brique CRM (Customer Loyalty)

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50,000 Onwards

  • The above price is starting with basic modules and features
  • Complete solution will range upto INR 1,50,000

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CRM by Brique is advanced software which helps hotels/restaurants/retail stores, etc. have a strong customer relationship which is driven by focusing on POS/billing and providing the necessary actions leading to customer delight and hence serve the customer better. The solution is aimed at bridging the gap between customer’s expectations and delivery by taking care of customer in a manner which leads to retention. This way the productivity of the organization is increased with a reduction in customer churn ratio.
Product Features
CRM is a holistic solution that help hotels/restaurants/retail stores, etc. manage customer expectations in an effective way while bring in operational efficiency at the same time by undertaking analytics and sharing insight being driven. The solution helps in focusing on making the purchase cycle effective by providing relevant offers to the customer, keep his/her information close by issuing loyalty cards, closely interact with him by providing relevant offers from time to time.
Below are certain specific features of the software:
  • More focus on the Point of Sale Billing
  • Track billing by general customer or detailed customer information
  • Facility to issue unique customer ids like Customer numbers, loyalty cards, etc
  • Provide applications for quick capture of customer information like iPad and tablet apps, mobile apps, etc
  • Facility for Reward Points, loyalty points, etc
  • Make universal offers available
  • Product wise and Customer category wise offers
About The Company
BRIQUE Technology Solutions and Consulting is a proud venture founded with the single goal in mind: to provide solutions that make clients not only happy but also satisfied. The company’s vision is to "be recognized as the best, reliable and strategic IT partners for high value, knowledge-based solutions". The company focuses on delivering business solutions which result in a faster ROI and staying ahead on technology with continuous improvement processes present a very attractive proposition for their customers.

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