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Cflow is a workflow automation software that helps you transition from a paper-based and error-prone style of working to a process-based, efficient mode of working where you can transform your business or department using tools of automation and create a happier workforce and satisfied customers. Whether it is proposals to be created, reviewed and submitted, or work order assignment and management, or safety training or observation report management, or action items and issues tracking, you can use cflow to design forms and create workflows that matches your unique business.

Features/ Product Details

Automate your Workflow-It helps you in increasing:
  • Efficiency-It helps increasing efficiency by bringing in all information in a single location and helps you take business decisions quickly and confidently. Cflow helps you become efficient in your work and gets the best out of your team.
  • Compliance-Cflow provides you with the framework necessary to ensure compliance with policies and guidelines. Ensure all team members are on same page and rest easy.
  • Accountability-Where are your bottlenecks and which are your fast lanes? You don’t wonder anymore as you are equipped with tools that pin accountability to an individual or process step.
  • Productivity-Visual cues, email notifications and daily reminders keep your teams ready to roll, driving productivity and imparting a smart sense of achievement.
  • Cloud and On-Premise-This application can be accessed on cloud as well as on premise.
  • Quick and Easy
  • Safe and Secure
  • Smart Process-It helps in managing purchases, inventory, orders, sales and customers and provides relevant information at fingertips.
  • Workflow management or BPM- You could select and modify the workflow to match your business. Once you automate your workflows and begin using them you can start diving into the Dashboard and Table reports.
About the Company

Cavintek was formed to create an ecosystem where people are motivated to solve problems with unique yet simple solutions.
Cavintek is led by an exceptional team with decades of experience at top positions in varied disciplines, joining together to “change the world” through ingenuity and collaboration. Cavintek is proud of its incredibly passionate team that believes in earning respect from its customers the only way – by delivering world-class products, solutions and services.

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