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Custom Content Management is a solution for company intranet, corporate websites & collaboration portals. It is a solution that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It also enables a company to manage its data, applications and information more easily, and through personalized views.

Product Features:
  • Integration: Ability to integrate with your current tools
  • Security: Enables user or group based security to secure documents
  • Customization: Software allows flexibility for organization needs
  • Collaboration: People can now be able to collaborate their work with each other
  • Communication Channels: Allows corporations to promote corporate culture and present information in a more interactive way than before
  • Automation: Things like workflows and templates can automate specific document creation. Alerts can be created to help learn changes and new additions to the Intranet
  • Applications: Links to applications for associates to perform duties
  • User Friendly: Application is easy to use and understand due to a wide range of technical abilities
  • Remote Access: Ability for users to access content when away from the office
  • Document Repository: Ability to store and retrieve document information while maintaining regular backups to prevent data loss
  • Blog: A method to provide more timely information to employees, customers, and business partners
  • People Search: Search enterprise wise for employee information such as contact information, specialty areas, group membership, personal interest, etc.
  • Enterprise Search: Enables search enterprise content using enterprise search
  • Targeted Content: Business portal administrators can target content by business group area, e.g., HR, marketing, legal, corporate executives, etc.

About the Company:
DGTL Innovations is a design & technology company which empowers modern businesses with cutting-edge solutions and innovative products. DGTL develops digital experiences through a combination of aesthetics and digital technologies that increase the competitiveness of businesses and contribute to society’s total productivity.

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