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30,000 Single User

  • The above mentioned price is for schools and supports single user
  • For multi user version, the price for schools is INR 75,000
  • For single user version, the price for colleges is INR 70,000
  • For multi user version, the price for colleges is INR 2,40,000

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IMS is an ultimate Institute Management System that empowers schools, colleges and other educational institutions with impeccable automated operations. The solution all the aspects of management and administration viz. admissions, students, fee, logistics, staff, payroll, classes, examination including other vital functions. In a nutshell, the solution helps institutions to administer all the departments individually as well as when integrated through a network from within a single platform. IMS offers user friendliness as well as complete customization thereby providing an optimum solution for institutions.
Product Features
IMS is an innovative package of intuitive features and toolsets facilitating schools and other educational institutions with enhanced productivity and smooth functioning cost effectively. Incorporating almost all vital functions necessarily required for an institution to run, the solution is user friendly and menu driven software. Reports offered by the solutions can be generated based on various filters and contribute to effective decision making. GUI interface of the solution also provides zoom-in functionality in reports view. Primary features of IMS consist of:
  • Admission Processing: Including enquiry handling till the completion of admission formalities such as capturing personal details, previous education, family information and mandatory documents- this solution takes care of all admission processes.
  • Student Management: Student database is created centrally for easy access and integration with other departments. Classes and sections can be assigned, student performance can be recorded and overall details including the attendance status can be captured here.
  • Fee Management: Fee structures can be defined and complete fee management can be reinforced using extensive features of this module. Fee masters can be created with various fee plans and every fee related transaction is recorded in this module. Pending fee is auto-calculated and reminders can be sent to the respective students and teachers. Fee receipts can also be generated effortlessly.
  • Asset Management: Various assets belonging to the institution including furniture, fixtures, computers, equipment, etc. can be well managed with this module in the solution.
  • Staff Management: Employee creation, roles and class assignment, work scheduling etc. help institutions to manage their staff optimally and for better performance overall.
  • Payroll: The Payroll module allows creation of employee master, salary plans, salary vouchers, salary bills, nominal rolls, attendance recording and leave management are some of the tasks accomplished by this module. Reports pertaining to Provident Fund etc. can be quickly and errorlessly generated by the solution.
  • Scheduler: Timetables and schedules can be defined teacher wise, subject wise and class wise. Free and compensatory schedules can also be defined by institution for effective time management.
  • Exam Management: This module helps institutions to define the examination schedules, marking schemes and seating plan. These features help in preparing results and mark sheets flawlessly.
  • Accounting: Overall accounting operations such as debit/ credit note creation, fee transactions posting to ledger, journal, cash and bank books, reconciliation, outstanding statements, Profit & Loss Account, trial balance, balance sheet, cash and cheque details etc. can be maintained hassle freely.
  • Library Management: The solution enables effective library management including the library stock, issues, returns and deposits.
  • Transportation (Buses) Management: Managing transport along with various routes, vehicle details, stoppage information and students availing the transport facility along with other related tasks can be efficiently executed.
About The Company
Digiclay is a miscellaneous digital company catering to the needs of industry specific software development, website design & development and online advertising services in India. Digiclay encompasses the “genuine” definition of Digital Advertising in its perfection, from Mobile Application Development and mobile collateral production to deliberate marketing and content planning. The Company has developed innovative solutions for 30+ industries and works well for around 400+ clients from medium to multi-national.

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