EasyPOS is a customer focused point of sale system for retailers and small to medium businesses. The automated solution allows the enterprises to focus on sales and billing and entire CRM is managed automatically. EasyPOS is a state-of-the-art software solution to meet all POS management operations. As a comprehensive solution to manage retail business, EasyPOS covers all aspect of business such as sales, inventory, workforce management and much more. 
Product Features
EasyPOS is a well-known end-to-end solution for overall management of point of sale operations. The solution eases the burden of performing crucial and time consuming tasks with user-friendly interface and easy to use set of automated features. Salient features of EasyPOS include:
  • Marketing Campaign: EasyPOS provides key customer insights which help streamlining marketing spends across various channels like SMS, print media, website, email, events and social media. Users can launch targeted campaigns to the customers based on their spending capacity and other demographics and track campaign performance and ROI with analytics.
  • Loyalty Program: EasyPOS offers an easiest way to create and run the loyalty programs for customers. Users can discover the most loyal customers and reward them with special offers and grow repeat business.
  • Easy Appointments: EasyPOS appointment book is a unique feature that lets users book appointments remotely on any device from anywhere even without the need for being connected to the internet. It also sends automated confirmations and reminders to help reduce no shows and cancellations.
  • Inventory Management: Businesses can flawlessly track and control stock by defining minimum and maximum quantities of each item at store level. The solution also provides get insights through fast, slow and dead stock analysis. EasyPOS also lets users manage inventory across all stores centrally along with facilitating label printing, item card and ABC analysis.
  • POS and payments: EasyPOS offers a more convenient and easy to use POS interface. It offers multiple benefits to the customers enabling to split payments, receive bills on paper, SMS or email and provides the flexibility to configure discounts and schemes and update inventory information on a real time basis.
  • Multiple Outlets: EasyPOS helps managing multiple outlets with ease. Businesses can get real time updates on inventory and sales and take timely decisions. It is easy to remotely manage and operate all businesses from a single platform and alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all stores, instantly.
  • Reporting: EasyPOS helps measuring the success through multiple reports on sales and business. It offers over 100 reports to help understanding business better by comparing sales across multiple stores, knowing consumer behaviour and employee performance, inventory, expense and more.

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