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A software that helps simplify banquet management by efficiently managing the required fields like booking, enquiry and reports for handling and managing bookings and customers. The solution also helps in taking business decisions of the likes of infrastructure investment and manpower management. The solution is an affordable management application which reduces administration costs and helps manage events and its relevant details with a click which leads to increased business productivity and also ensures proper administration and customer interaction.

Features/product details
  • Graphical calendar view and statistics - The solution displays the banquet’s booking status and conference management in an intuitive way. The user can fetch details by simply clicking on the events tab which displays all relevant information and respective proceedings for the bookings and any enquiries for the banquets and conferences.
  • Synchronization between bookings done manually and through system - The solution automatically warns the user whenever a booking attempt is being made on a specific date and time for which a booking has been manually already been done. The user will get an alert and can take necessary action as per the pre-defined business rules.
  • Easier Customer/enquiries registration - Customer/enquiry registration becomes faster and simpler with this solution.
  • Quotation module - The solution allows the user to generate quotations as per their needs in a PDF format which can be sent across to a client as a formal quotation. Quotation module handles two types of events, i.e. booking only for banquet or both banquet and in-house catering.
  • Authentication and authorization - This solution is purely a secured system which ensures security of data.
  • User friendly - The solution is a user friendly booking system.
  • Records and past history - the solution keeps unlimited customer history, where the user can track where, when, who and at what rate the bookings or events where booked.
  • POS - The solution enables the user to enter details for an advance payment or any other mode of payment that has been made for a particular booking.
  • Administrator panel - The solution allows one to control and create users, lead assignment details, banquet and conferences details, food type details, and also allows the user to take necessary backup of all required data in case of emergency situations which can be restored afterwards.

About the company 

eStar Sofwtare Solution is aimed at helping companies operate effectively and efficiently and gain get better returns on their investments by deploying their solution. eStar brings traditional software engineering methodology and discipline for creating easy to use software – delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. eStar understands the needs of small and medium scale businesses and hence tries to help them with software meeting their requirements and budget. Other than engineering, the company's focus is to create solutions that are easy to use and have interactive and intuitive interface making it fun to use for the user.

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