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ePOS - ePoint of sale helps the one who use cash register to ring up their sale. ePOS explores computerized POS technology and provides road map for anyone contemplating acquiring POS system for their own business. The software aims at helping retail store management an easy task.
Product Features
  • Configuration: The module allows to configure various functional areas of store management like creation of category, sub category, unit of measurement, inventory item, create and list customer, create and list menu. This will enable effective operations at the store during the business day.
  • Warehouse: With this module, a user can add new vendor and list the products being sourced from him/her. The software also helps in recording the details of such stock like quantity received, damaged goods received (if any), etc.
  • POS: At the POS, the attendant can record customer details like name, address, phone number, etc. for billing, settlement, accounts. Also, the details so recorded can be used further to implement CRM activities for the existing customers.
  • Report: The software allows generation of various reports for like total sales, cash transaction, inventory transactions, etc. The reports can further be used for data driven decision making.
  • Admin: This module provides the required functionalities and powers to the admin for managing the software like company details, database backup and restore, etc.
About The Company
The company is aimed at helping companies operate effectively and efficiently and gain get better returns on their investment by deploying their solutions. The company brings traditional software engineering methodology and discipline for creating easy to use software – delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. The company understands the needs of small and medium scale businesses and hence tries to help them with software meeting their requirements and budget. Other than engineering, the company's focus is to create solutions that are easy to use and have interactive and intuitive interface making it fun to use for the user.

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