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Pelagian’s Hotel Software is an In-house Windows based application used by hospitality ventures to excel in their day-to-day operations such as room bookings, reservations, check-In or check-out. This software is developed for smooth working of various kinds of accommodations like hotels, guest houses, cottages, Villas etc. which need to be managed on a day-to-day basis. The software also includes all features required in a Hotel such as reservations manager, customer check in, customer check-out and provides integrated report for all customers. The software is designed to help the administrator or the operator track all Check-In or Check-Out statuses with a single click.

Feature/product details

Master- The solution enables a menu that displays all the information of rooms and guests and very accurately generates essential data. It provides a particular and collective information of customer and hotel. Here, the user can also add and assemble multiple information easily. Below are the additional features:
• Shows current details of each room separately
• Addition of Room type helps manage booking category wise
• Description of room tariff and facility for tariff addition and tariff rates including Key No. of rooms
• Addition of the Guest Identity type
• Presentation of existing agent details and addition of new agents
• Tax addition and Tax description
• Addition of guest's other charges like telephone, laundry, restaurant charge etc

Tax Report- The solution makes available Tax Reports in "Restaurant Billing Software for windows" by selecting date as per Tax Master. This report is classified with Sales Invoice and Tax Invoice.
Booking Information- For hotel management, report plays very significant role because it helps keep updated with all the details of bookings. The solution provides certain useful application in order to develop the best kind of managing skills in hotel. Following are the features:
• Window description of Booking Register
• Customized reports on demand available
• Daily collection, rooming lists and revenue reports
• Daily guest arrival and departure reports
• Check-Out, Do not rent (DNR), Reserved and In House reports of guest
• Helps generate Tax report

About the company

Pelagian Softwares is a software development & web designing company which creates an exciting opportunity for businesses to move a step ahead in the competitive market. The company offers innovative techniques that present a smooth way of becoming profitable in the business by helping them operate effectively and efficiently. The company focuses on automation and promotes the domain business by providing standard as well as customized softwares which are designed and developed by dexterous and well qualified professionals. The company regularly explores better techniques and confidently applies it for providing trustworthy products which later help achieve expected levels.

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