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Hospital Management is an integrated new generation hospital management software which converges latest technology and administrative process to manage work process efficiently within the hospitals. Designed for multi-speciality hospitals to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes, the software offers a comprehensive solution for complete management in the hospitals. As an integrated client server application, the software uses Microsoft technologies as front end and a flexible back end (like Oracle, SQL, etc).

Product Features

Hospital Management from NeoITSoft  endeavors to support hospitals manage their operations on a single platform. The ingenious software solution named as Hospital Management is an ideal automation solution to manage services, patients, staff, payroll, security, OPD, IPD, pharma, lab and MIS reporting among others. Easy and simple to use, this software is an integrated solution with operations categorized into various modules. The primary features of Hospital Management software include:
  • Effortless operations: The simple and easy to use interface of Hospital Management allows users to operate various software modules effortlessly. The modules are actually categories with various hospital operations facilitating smooth and quick functioning of departments.
  • Secure: Password protected hospital management software adheres to a strict security measure to keep information safe and secure.
  • Reliable: The software has been developed by a team or expert IT professionals who have hands on experience with Hospital management processes, thereby making the software reliable and efficient enough.
  • Simple Deployment: Deployment of this software is like a child’s play. Available as on premise solution, the software licenses are available for single and multiple users and don't need much technical know  how.
  • Overall Hospital Management: The software is an ultimate solution that automates all hospital management activities like OPD & IPD management, managing patient records, doctors' schedules, lab management, pharmacy management, accounting, payroll management, etc.
  • MIS Reporting: The software enables generation of various MIS reports both regularly and on ad-hoc basis.
About the company

NeoITSoft is a pioneer in offering high-end service solutions for a wide range of business verticals. To satiate the customer needs for concept building to the IT design implementation, the software solution company walks an extra mile. Providing the cutting edge solutions for software solutions, web design, networking solutions and SEO services, NeoITSoft endeavors to deliver the best quality software solutions within reasonable budget and time. The reputed services and solutions offered by NeoITSoft provide instant access and well managed user friendly interface.

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