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EazyCollege is an online ERP software for colleges that enables them to create, collaborate and succeed amongst parents, teachers, students and the college management alike. The college management software is designed to seamlessly support every office, giving staff access to the information they need, when they need it. 

Product Features
The solution acts as a basket which has multiple tools to enable a college manage operations effectively and efficiently. The solution is features rich and integrates the various touch-points which are of very critical nature to the college and needs proper management like: Student information system, parent communication, faculty and staff management, library, admissions, transportation, etc. Below are certain features which make it easy to use:

E- Admission
• A Complete and comprehensive solution for new & renewing admissions.
• In-built enrolment Form template.
• Admission status with a single click.
• SMS, email notification about the admission status.
• Allows managing admissions for the following years.
• Integrates payment module to setup single, recurring payments Academic Management.
• Eazycollege makes it an effortless job for the management to maintain academic records.
• Maintenance of student and teacher performance records for previous and present academic years.
• Maintenance of admissions and recruitments.
• Complete automation of Academic maintenance systems to make things simple and foolproof.

E- Finance
• Maintains complete financial data of the college.
• Makes all financial data, fee-dues, defaulters and payments of the college available at the single click.
• Fee collection and receipt printing are available.
• Financial and performance reports are available.

E- Timetable
• Updated class schedules are made easily accessible through E- timetable. It avoids the uncertainty that happens when done manually.
• Periods are assigned to different subjects based on priority. Weekly schedule on number of periods for each subject
• Weekly schedule on number of periods for Lecturer
• Updates on combined periods and continuous periods is made available through E- Timetable Student/Staff Management.
• Eazycollege provides hassle free system for management to maintain and access their students’ and staff details
• Maintaining student and staff login’s.
• Students and staff data is maintained and identity cards are generated without manual collaboration Attendance.
• Make configuring manual and automated attendance through biometrics, smartcard.
• Makes available the different kind of attendance reports.
• Setting up attendance percentage to final exam Communication.
• Enabling SMS and email communication channels
• Student attendance, exam results fees alerts are sent through this communication channel Library
• Facilitates management to maintain an easy record of borrowing histories, list of defaulters and accounts
• Facilitates students to check the availability of books and place order anytime
• With best catalogue and stock management, avoids cumbersome efforts to find books with advanced search options.

E- Parents
• Receive SMS and email alerts about Admission, fee details, ward’s performance, etc.
• Track ward’s performance charts, score cards and attendance
• Makes college management and lectures easily accessible and actively participate in college activities Reports • Customized TC Generation with respective to the colleges
• Customized student certificate with respect to the colleges
• Student and Staff Id card generation
• Various financial reports like day wise report, periodic reports and defaulters report
• Generating the customized NOC forms
• Student community wise reports.

E- Principal & Admin
• Manage fee details on daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly basis
• Manage fee payment and due alerts through SMS and e-mail
• Lecturer’s and student’s performance charts
• Managing lecturer recruitment and student admissions Transport
• Transportation details of the college buses at a single glance
• Helps transport administrator to manage vehicle maintenance
• Admin can record all vehicle route details, driver’s information, fuel usage etc.
• Transport admin can generate various reports like fuel consumption per km, monthly maintenance cost etc.

About The Company
Hyniva is a leading software development firm specializing in the field of Education, Christian ministries and Non-profit organizations like Banking and Education Organizations, having development centers in United States, Texas, San Antonio, Bangalore and Chennai, India.

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