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Supplier Relationship Mgmt. empowers the organizations to enhance the relationship building with thrird party organizations that supply goods and/ or services. The software is a complete automation of various suppler relationship management operations such as purchases, inventory and supplier payments. Every simple or complex details can be recorded in the Supplier Relationship Mgmt. software. The software also enables effective process procurement, vendor performance tracking, inventory management, purchases, returns, stock movable analysis and supplier aging analysis with other aspects.
Product Features

Supplier Relationship Management is a complete automated solution to enhance the interactions between the enterprises and companies that supply good and/ or services. For effective communication between the both along with implementing the quality control, Supplier Relationship Mgmt. software provides incomparable features at a minimal cost. The feature highlights of Supplier Relationship Mgmt. include:
  • Procurement Process: Manufacturing / Subcontracting: Various procurement processes including the manufacturing and subcontracting can now be recorded and executed effectively and timelessly with this product.
  • Vendor Management/Registration: The software allows the enterprises to keep record of all the vendors in the vendor directory. New vendor registrations can be effortlessly done in the Supplier Relationship Mgmt. software.
  • Supplier Rating /Evaluation: Supplier performance, delivery time, quality provided and various other details once recorded in the software facilitate the vendor evaluation and rating.
  • Purchase Order/Tendering: Tender processing is simpler with the quote comparison feature offered by the software. Purchase order raising and tracking is also enabled by the Purchase Management module in the software.
  • Stores/ Inventory Management: With Store/ Inventory Management module, the enterprise effectively can manage the goods inward, inventory levels, material evaluation, bar-coding and finished products.
  • Warehouse Management: The software allows sound tracking of the stock movement from warehouses and stock transactions. Stock movement analysis can also be conducted with the stock in warehouses for ultimate warehouse management.
  • Supplier Self-Service: This module in the Supplier Relationship Mgmt. allows suppliers to input their quotes and bid for the tenders. The supplier can also specify the stock available and can track their payments as well.
About The Company
iWeb Technology Solutions is an innovative software solution provider offering state of the art IT solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS). The array of software solutions includes people relationship, finance, supplier relationship, customer relationship, manufacturing and education. With diversified software services, iWeb endeavours to provide incomparable management automation solutions. The company has partnered with Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Nasscom, Grtner and Ignita to provide extensive software solutions for supporting clients across various chores of operations manufacturing, hospitality, education, finance and customer relationship management. Enterprise suite of iWeb Technology Solutions incudes renowned names in sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, milk and dairy foods, auto ancillary, staffing business, education, manufacturers, telecom, hospitality, trade services and many more.

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