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Asset Management is a holistic solution that help companies manage their IT and general assets and provides a complete view of assets. The solution provides complete network visibility by:
  • Asset Discovery: Asset Manager can keep up-to-date information of all their assets
  • Asset Management: Asset Manager audits all types’ assets like Computers, Network, Software’s, and General Assets. It gives the complete ownership information and helps to get a clear picture of who owns what.
  • Asset Life Cycle: Asset Manager makes it easier to handle the complete life cycle of an asset i.e. all stages from procurement to disposal. It helps manage all the assets that are to be purchased through purchase order management and later tracks the inventory of these assets.
Product Features
Asset management is a technically robust yet easy to use software that help companies/admins manage their assets from a single place, keep them up to data on status pf the asset (in use/idle, etc), undertake audit on assets like laptops/desktops, networks, general assets, etc. The solution also provides the manager a complete picture of whom the ownership of the asset lies with.Below are certain features of the solution:
  • The solution can be linked with any ERP
  • Helps calculate depreciation as per CL (Company Law) and IT (Income-Tax Law)
  • A user can scan asset with barcode or RFID
  • A user can link to cost centers for budgets or any other center as per the requirement
  • A user can deploy the assets and change state from inventory to in-use (asset movement)
  • Helps maintain contracts for assets
  • Notifies technicians of expiry dates
  • Using the solution, a user can change the state of an asset to expired/disposed
  • All the assets allocated to the disposed will get un-allocated
  • Helps track ownership, status and total cost of asset
About The Company
Jikishlove Web Technology is an offshore web development, software development and web promotion company. The company has a team of the young yet sophisticated professionals and have got several years of experience in different IT companies as they wanted to provide solutions that can help them run their business effectively and efficiently. The company has an expert team who can undertake web based development on popular web programming scripting languages like PHP, ASP, .NET, Java Script, MYSQL, MSSQL, oracle & MS Access, and many more.

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