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Pharmaceutical ERP is a state-of-the-art automated solution to help pharma companies and enterprises in efficient working thereby enhancing the productivity and performance of various departments. The software enables not only the automation of various operations, but also augments an expert approach for timeless and effortless execution of roles including accounting, payroll, inventory management, quality management, etc.  Segregated modules for operations in various departments, the software allows to handle the overall resource planning and management in the enterprises perfectly.

Product Features

With user friendly and interactive modules for each operation, Pharmaceutical ERP solution facilitates the companies/distributors to manage overall operations including payroll, customer relationships, inventory, production, sales and distribution, quality control and business analytics flawlessly. The under-listed features empower the pharmaceutical companies with automated operations:
  • Sales & Distribution Management: The solution allows enhanced performance of sales and distribution by providing automatic solutions for operations such as sales forecasting, product promotion and distribution channels.
  • Procurement Management: The solution enables a user to effectively manage procurement of goods and services, supply chain management and procurement planning among other operations.
  • Inventory Management: Upkeep of all inventory and stock, purchases, returns, inventory transactions etc. can be maintained  effectively .
  • Production Management: With automated and pre-defined production elements, the solution allows flawless maintenance of all production operations including production plan, schedules, costing and analysis.
  • Quality Control Management: Quality control is the most important and crucial aspect in any enterprise. Executing the quality checks, performing quality analysis and enforcing the pre-defined quality standards is quite simple and easy with this automated solution.
  • Financial Accounting: Ledger entries, transactions, credit and debit notes, asset management, trial balance, balance sheet and all other accounting operations are facilitated for error-free operations.
  • Payroll Management: Calculating and structuring of pay, payslip generation, calculation of TDS, perks and bonus for complete payroll management is enabled for instant and accurate calculations in the Payroll Management module.
  • Business Analytics Tool: Performing business analysis, understanding business trends, budgeting and planning among other business analytics operation can be carried out effortlessly with the solution.
  • Warehouse Management: Transfer of stock, to and from warehouses, transactions, floor management including other warehouse operations have been smoothened with the automation of this domain.
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management effectively can be enforced in any enterprise irrespective of the company size is feasible with Pharmaceutical ERP Solution at minimal cost.
About The Company
Margo Compusoft is well known name for providing pharmaceutical, customized software and IT solutions. Known for its high quality IT solutions and services, Margo has been engaged in satiating the automation needs of various sectors including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, excise, retail etc. With a customer base of over 600000, 370 support centres and 1200 ERP clients, Margo targets to reach a new success horizon. With customer centric, technology oriented and regular innovation approach, the company is well known for its Accounting and ERP solutions.

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