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15,000 /year

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  • The price is INR 15,000 for server system installation per year
  • Additional INR 1,200 per additional MR

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  • Marg The Business Backbone
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  • Marg The Business Backbone
  • Marg The Business Backbone
  • Marg The Business Backbone
  • Marg The Business Backbone
  • Marg The Business Backbone


Web based Online MR Reporting software developed by Marg Compusoft helps the Pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage the crucial activities of the medical representatives. Daily calls, doctor management, samples/gifts control, monthly sales and stock closing reports can be effortlessly managed with the highly innovative SFA/ Online MR Reporting software. Exclusively developed to fully equip the pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art automation, the software provides various high end tools and feature for enhanced control and management relieving the users from tedious manual documentation.

Product Features

SFA/Online MR Reporting Software is a web application with user friendly interface. The software benefits the enterprises with reduced time and effort spent in data processing and crucial information for MR activities. Considerable saving of time and effort in data processing. The software facilitates with the effective and in-time doctor relationship management along with the improved MR productivity.Key features of the software constitute:
  • Daily-Call-Report: To help pharmaceutical companies the product offers a Daily Call Reports module that enables them to get reports on daily activities and manage the work in a better way. With the support of this software, a pharmaceutical company can also keep a track of every activity of the MRs when they are in the field.
  • Doctor-Management: Managing all appointments with doctors is now easy and simple for pharmaceutical marketing companies with Doctor Management software from MARG Compusoft. 
  • Chemist Orders: Chemist Management software from MARG Compusoft is developed to provide efficient operational support and empower pharmaceutical companies so that it can establish a consistent business relationship with the chemist shops. The software bridges the breach between the pharmaceutical firms and pharmacies and enables the users to keep a track on pending orders, deliveries, billing status, transaction details and more in an easy way.
  • Expense Control: The software is especially designed and developed for pharmaceutical companies allowing them to manage the bills and keep record of the entire expenses in a hassle free manner. Companies can easily access all the details of the expenses and can easily make out whether company's MRs are submitting any inflated bills.
  • Samples/Gifts control: With the help of this software companies can easily keep a track of the samples and gifts. The companies can even track the distribution and remaining amount of the samples and gifts in an easy way. The software is developed to meet such specific demands of the pharmaceutical companies that find it hard to manage the bulk amount of gifts and samples meant for the doctors and chemists.
  • Secondary Sales Management: Marg Compusoft has introduced Pharma trading software and Online pharma ERP that help pharmaceutical companies to get updated with the happening of MRs and MRs get connected with their head offices
About the company

Margo Compusoft is well known name for providing pharmaceutical, customized software and IT solutions. Known for its high quality IT solutions and services, Margo has been engaged in satiating the automation needs of various sectors including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, excise, retail etc. With a customer base of over 600000, 370 support centres and 1200 ERP clients, Margo targets to reach a new success horizon. With customer centric, technology oriented and regular innovation approach, the company is well known for its Accounting and ERP solutions.

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