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Maxim LIS is a complete web based Laboratory Management Software. All types of Pathology & Radiology reporting is possible. Intranet as well as Internet based complete LIS (Laboratory Information System), which consists of unlimited LAN terminals licenses, plus hosting of new features added.  It is a complete suite for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory. Maxim LIS will able to send report to collection centres via internet. It consists of electronic signature and report delivery at doorstep anywhere in the world using internet. It has got SMS sending facility. Reports can be delivered directly to patient’s doorstep using internet. Specimens are accepted by Barcodes. It has been barcode scanning and printing facilities integration as well.

Product Features

Maxim-LIS V1.0 is integrated software that helps manage and store data involved during diagnosis of entire medical procedure. In laboratory information system, Birlamedisoft has different versions of software as per their application.
Clinical Lab Software: Consists of complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory.
Hospital-lab : Software to perform all the functions performed in histopathology & cytology investigations.
Diagnostics Centre Management : Software to manage all activities of laboratory plus radiology laboratory Every software consists of billing, testing, accounting, inventory, appt, search functions built in.

About the company

Birlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Maharashtra. Birlamedisoft has been a pioneer in developing software for the healthcare industry. Since its inception, Birlamedisoft has proven itself as a most trusted brand in delivering end-to-end solutions in a better and affordable way. Birlamedisoft caters to its customers with innovative and advance integrated software which helps reduce the usage of time and paper work involved in the healthcare industry. Birlamedisoft provides efficient software solutions at affordable prices and has software solution offerings like hospital management, blood bank management software, PACS software, laboratory management along with other medical management softwares. All softwares are developed through a cutting-edge-technology and is user friendly for doctors and from small to large scale enterprises.

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