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mcRAv POS is a complete bundle of automated operations for Point of Sale that empowers the businesses with smart and intelligent features and tools to operate the retail stores effectively. The software, irrespective of any business type, enables the businesses to manage all retail and point of sale operations on the fly. The solution relieves the business from worries to manage POS functions and contributes to enhance the business performance and productivity.

Product Features
mcRAv POS is a cutting edge solution for retail and POS management from a single platform with ease. This feature rich software enables the management of purchases, sales, inventory, accounts and other related operations effectively from a user friendly interface. Easy to deploy and simple to use solution does not require any specific training to operate the solution. The software is highly integrated software categorised into various exclusive modules.The impeccable features of mcRAv POS consist of:
  • Purchase: All purchase orders, supplier details, quotations, purchases and returns can be administered within this dedicated module. The module empowers the businesses to manage all purchase related operations and data effortlessly.
  • Sales: Daily sale transactions, sales return, invoicing and billing for sales order can be readily handled with simplicity and timelessly with specialized sales operations and processes automated and available in the POS solution.
  • Inventory: Complete inventory management including the stock calculation, evaluation and transactions can be well administered with the exclusive inventory module in POS software. Integrated with sales and purchase modules, these module auto-updates the stock on hand and take note of returns as well to provide the update stock value and quantity of hand.
  • Accounts: All accounting operations have been automated within the solution and are provided as a comprehensive accounts module. The module deals with debit & credit notes, journal, ledger, daily transactions, P&L, expenses, balance sheet, reconciliation and many more accurately.
  • SMS: SMS integration with POS enables instant and effective communications with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to share the important notifications/ information.
About The Company
mcRAv Solutions provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. By leveraging its experience in working on over 50 product releases, mcRAV brings products to market faster, with better quality and reduced R&D costs. The company helps to drive down costs and increase profits by providing state-of-the-art software solutions catering to the needs of various business verticals. An e-services site is offered by mcRAv to help the organizations get closer to their customers by building web-enabled customer service solutions.

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