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MEDI BIZ from DCS INFOWAY is a complete medical store automation solution that enables the retail businesses to acquire improved productivity with state-of-the-art software solution. The software allows effective management of every operation in the medical stores including stock, accounting, sales, purchase, and reporting. Well categorized into various modules, the solution is easy to deploy and simple to use. The solution provides extensive automation solution with user friendly interface with authorized user access to ensure data safety.

Product  Features

MEDI BIZ Software for Medical Store covers every aspect of a retail business with exquisite features. Integrated with the latest VAT purchase and sale modules along with stock management, expiry processing, inventory and accounting with trial balance, profit & loss, balance sheet, day book, etc. The solution consists of various operations categorized into payment & receipt module, debit note and credit note modules, reports on sales, purchase, stock and stock expiry. Other modules include biz search, easy opening stock entry interface, easy backup and restore features, user security, user activity monitor, multiple companies’ management, multiple user, multiple window processing, etc. The eminent features of Medi Biz include:
  • Complete and accurate inventory management including opening and closing stock with all stock transactions.
  • Maintenance of records of daily transactions.
  • PO administration including creation and updation.
  • Creation and record keeping of the sales vouchers.
  • Supplier details, quotation and prices can be managed.
  • Medicines and other medical items management such as item coding and description, pricing etc.
  • Expiry details of the items including medicines.
  • Instant sales bill generation.
  • Taxation and accounting operations can be performed flawlessly.
  • Alerts enabled for low stock, expired medicines enabled.
  • Customized reporting feature integrated for effective data analysis.
About The Company

DCSINFOWAY specializes in providing ready to use and customized IT solutions. With dedicated team of core technical professionals, the company endeavours to provide world-class consultancy services and solutions catering to the automation needs for businesses. DCSINFOWAY is a pioneer in software development, web designing and hosting. The services and solutions provided by DCSINFOWAY are not only cutting edge but address the core concerns of business automation requirements with the cost effective software solutions.

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