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ERP Solution provides complete enterprise solution for traders, distributors, manufacturers and various other industries. It covers modules like purchase, sales, inventory, accounts, job-work, manufacturing, processing etc. With wide range and variety of reports, it covers all aspects of information needed for any enterprise. This software also includes MIS, grid, graph, excel and other reporting tools, higher authority persons get more clear understanding, control and power over the decision-making criteria.
Product Features
Company Master: Keeps a record of company details. The user is allowed to record and manage all the information about the company with easy interface
  • Supplier Master: Helps record all the supplies details and orders
  • Customer Master: This is an intuitive solution to add and manage customer related information as well as customer purchase records
  • Raw Material Master: Keeps all the raw material details that include the product name, unit, rate, material details and remarks
  • Product Master: Deals in adding or managing new products with their price rates, special offers on the product etc.
  • Packet Master: Packet master includes name, code, unit and packet details with the rate
  • Unit Master: Keeps all the record related to the specific unit
  • Pricelist Master: This consists of prices listed for different products
  • Purchase Enquiry & Order: Stores purchase inward and purchase return
  • Sales Quotation & Order: Sales quotation is an integrated solution to generate quotations on demand.
  • Sales Invoice & Challan: Generates and records all the sales invoices and challans
  • Sales Return: All the sales returns are available in this module
  • Product Packing: Takes care of all the packaging processes
  • Stock Adjustment: Helps adjust stock on regular basis.
  • Payment Entry: Allows you to prepare financial reports by recording and managing all the payment details. It also enables the user to generate purchase orders by tracking the payment entries.
  • Receipt Entry: Auto generates the receipt and helps you send it directly to the customer through the software.
About The Company
MicroDot Softwares is a global software solution provider which involves “Business Analysis and IT consultancy”. The company works with large global corporations and next generation technology companies - to produce new products or services and to implement practical business and technology strategies to cater today's dynamic digital environment effectively.

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