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Mithi SkyConnect, is an integrated collaboration suite, served off the AWS cloud platform, is designed to provide secure, scalable, reliable and real time collaboration for enterprises over multiple communication channels and is helping over 500000 business users in India and abroad - cut costs; reduce meetings and travel and improve responsiveness for their enterprise. Besides secure enterprise e-mail, contact management and calendaring, the suite includes a secure chat/IM app specially designed for business users and a video conferencing & screen sharing app, that run on the browser. These applications are accessible from popular browsers, mobile devices & desktop apps making for easy adoption in any enterprise.

Products Features
Mithi skyconnect is a technically robust solution that helps companies save cost and time by enabling them to have cross border meetings/calls/conferences using their laptops/handheld devices on the go. With the application, users can collaborate with each other without travelling across different locations and can have their strategic meetings on the go as per their convenience. Below are certain features that make the solution one of the best in the industry:
  • E-mail and calendar integration - The solution allows a user to integrate their business mails, calendars and contacts on web, desktop and mobile.
  • Enterprise Secure Chat & IM - During the conversation, users need to chat with one or more of the participants and might be of a confidential nature. For this, the solution enables the user to chat with one or more participants at a given time through a chat option. The chat/data is secure enough to ensure confidentiality of the same is not compromised.
  • Collaborate on demand with Video Calling & Screen sharing - A lot of times, when the organizer needs to present/show a document/presentation to participants. For this, the solution enables both video conferencing and screen share so that the participants can see the presenter’s screen.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee - Since the solution is served off the AWS cloud, the solution promises to be available for 99.9%, i.e. almost always up.
  • Secure - The solution provides a comprehensive multi-level security with Antivirus and spam filtering.
  • Attachment Vault - For user's assistance, the solution provides a secure attachment vault.
  • Password and Email policy management - Enables the admin to manage usage with password and e-mail policy management.
  • Administration and reporting - The solution enables easy administration and reporting with a web based UI from where reports can be generated as and when required.
About The Company
Mithi Software Technologies, has been providing affordable, secure & dependable collaboration software (since 2005), helping its customers lower their costs & improve productivity substantiall. Mithi SkyConnect the cloud bases collaboration SaaS has been adopted by organizations of all sizes across many enterprise segment such as healthcare, R&D establishments, financial services, education, government, BPOs, software, defence, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, agro industries, logistics, media, internet service providers, infrastructure, media, retail, energy & power, transportation, etc. Customers spanning over 40 cities in India and abroad are maintained, monitored and managed remotely from Mithi's support centre at Pune.

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