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Cerrebro is a cloud-based, end-to-end CRM and field team management application that connects the workers, customers, back-office and management seamlessly across devices in an organization. Businesses can manage it all from anywhere through a simple dashboard interface, and redefine productivity regardless of industry. The solution provides comprehensive geographical analytics to better understand the market. Cerrebro enables easy management of the team and enhances productivity with more meetings per day.

Product Features
Cerrebro is a complete CRM with field team management and analytics capabilities. The solution is an ultra modern tool to track the field workforce for close monitoring on each activity. The interactive interface and cloud based features of the solution provides easy access to the crucial information from anywhere anytime. This highly integrated and feature rich solution enables the businesses to manage almost every operation and contributes to improve the performance of the workforce thereby enhancing the overall business productivity. The enduring features include:
Customer Management: Complete customer management is facilitated in this module. The module allows capturing the customer details, requirements, assigned workforce etc.
Lead Management: All leads can be captured and assigned to the appropriate team member automatically within this module. The module takes care of the leads properly so as to convert them into business opportunities.
Job Scheduling & Work Order Management: Job scheduling and work order management can be expertly carried out with this user-friendly module.
Location & Job Tracker: location of the workforce and the job performance can be tracked with the features available in this module.
Expense Management: Keeping track and control of all expenses in the organization is one of the most useful tasks offered by this solution.
Leave Management: Leaves can be applied and approved by the employees and manager respectively. The managers can approve or reject the leaves requests. This module helps the organization to track absenteeism.
Targets & Incentive management: This module helps the organizations to assign the targets and define the incentives on each target. The incentives can also be calculated automatically based on the performance of the team in comparison of the assigned targets.
Sales Quotation, Order & Invoicing System: From sharing the sales quotation to order confirmation and generating the invoices, all operations can be effortlessly performed within this module.
Data Collection Forms: The vital information can be readily captured in the data collection forms pre-provided in the solution.
• Timesheets: Timesheets update the administrators about the whereabouts of the field employees and jobs status.
Customized Reports and Dashboards: A wide range of reports is provided by the solution that reflects analytical data for effective decision-making. The intuitive dashboard helps the administrators to manage all tasks efficiently from a single platform.
Notification & Email Alerts: Integrated with notifications and email capabilities, the solution facilitates smooth communication between the customers, employees and manager.
Analytics: Effective and up-to-date analytic tools are embedded within the solution for sound data analysis to make decisions accurately.

About The Company
ND Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide top quality IT products for specified needs and requirements. The company owns expertise is in ERP technology, customized business solutions and mobile-based business applications. NDM leverages proprietary methodologies, templates and tools, credentials, alliances with strategic software vendors, global capabilities, experienced consultants to serve the clients with the best possible IT solution. With a team of dedicated professionals, NDM has the potential to deliver quality IT system to its clients.

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