Neemus NASSETS-Asset management System

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NASSET, Asset management System is an extensive bundle of all vital operations automated and simplified into a single automation solution. This cost-effective solution empowers the businesses with ultimate asset management and plat management tools and features. This user-friendly solution is easy to deploy and provides an interactive interface. Asset Management System is an online solution enabling the businesses to access complete data pertaining to asset history, audits, transfers, decommissions, warranty and AMC universally just with internet connectivity.

Product Features
NASSET is a leading edge Asset Management Software that helps managing complete assets lifecycle expertly from acquisition till scrapping. The noteworthy solution serves as an online asset repository with the photographs that supports all acceptable formats such as .Hoardings , Unipoles, Mediens , FOB. Businesses can track the real time resource availability for efficient sales initiatives with information captured in the solution for available and upcoming assets. The software enables blocking/ unblocking of assets and provides powerful customizable reports for effective decision-making.Constitutive features of Neemus Asset Management system include:
  • Asset Acquisition: All vital details regarding the asset acquisition can be captured and accessed within the solution with an intuitive interface effortlessly.
  • Bar-coding: Barcode integration within the solution allows unique identification of the assets and capturing the accurate product details in the system.
  • RFID Tagging: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to the company’s network and updates information in real-time. RFID tagging feature in the solution helps tracking the asset location and visibility precisely.
  • Asset Audits/Inspection: Complete asset audit or inspection reports can be administered and evaluated for the updated asset status. This feature helps businesses to take efficient decisions regarding investments and disowning the assets.
  • Asset History: Entire historical information about the asset is maintained in an exclusive module.
  • Reports: The software provides extensive reporting tools for report generation based on various criteria and filters. Reports provide crucial data for asset analysis.
  • Transfer of Assets: If any asset is transferred, the details can be captured here and such information can be anytime access whenever required.
  • Decommission & Scrap management: Decommissioning details and scrap criteria is defined in this module. The module allows effective scrap management from within a single interface readily.
  • Warranty & AMC Tracking: Assets’ warranty details can be recorded in this module. The module can be used to store the AMC details as well and is capable of generating the reminders to renew the AMC of the assets.
  • Repair & Quality Check of Repair: Quality checks for asset repairs can be scheduled in this innovative module.

About The Company
Neemus offers efficient yet uncomplicated software products and services and its driving philosophy is uncomplicated Innovation. The company believes in un-complicating software so that businesses can focus on the productivity and business generation. Anticipating the unique business needs, Neemus provides customized solutions to suit actual business needs instead of following a cookie cutter approach. Neemus designs the products in partnership with the customers and in coordination with the real users. Company doesn’t just offer great software but its strength lies in the commitment to make it a success with complete and continuous support. Neemus handholds the implementation & rollout until the client organization embraces the software and reaps the benefits offered by the software.

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