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Restaurant Bill and Inventory software from Perfect Software is a complete bundle of automated features integrated for efficient management of Restaurants including the billing and inventory operation. The software is a Windows based solution easily deployable and simple to use without any extra technical know-how. This software allows the restaurants to perform effortless billing, table status, KOT, purchases and inventory management from within a single platform with just a few clicks.

Product Features

Restaurant Bill and Inventory software is a foray to ease the burden of restaurants regarding billing, inventory and useful report generation. The software allows the restaurants to focus on more productive areas such as customer service for enhanced business productivity and profitability thereby relieving users from billing, table status, inventory and certain financial accounting concerns. Customized billing with interactive graphical table status help easily track inventory levels in the restaurants. Noteworthy features of Restaurant Bill and Inventory software include:
 Master: Restaurants can capture all vital details for smooth and flawless functioning. Masters can be created effortlessly to store all crucial information such as ledger, item and table entries with all vital details that can be accessed anytime on the go.
 Entry: The Entry module allows restaurants to administer each activity closely. The complete view of table status, KOT issues, invoices, purchases, receipts and payments can be readily obtained from the software. The invoice features allow fast and accurate billing taking all essentials into consideration. Purchases can be closely tracked and monitored here. The receipts can be generated and payment status and collection can be well managed in this module.
 Report: The software allows generation of variety of useful reports for analytical data contributing to informed decision making. The restaurants can seamlessly generated and maintain sales, purchase and item registers. Extensive ledger reports and cash book entries can be printed and outstanding reports can be generated effortlessly with just a few clicks.

About The Company

Perfect Software is a software and web development company having team of professionals with expertise in delivering state-of-the-art solution for various industry verticals. Founded in 2004, Perfect Software offers cost effective ready to use as well as customizable solutions for business enhancement. The company believes in strong customer relationships and henceforth focuses on delivering the utmost customer satisfaction with after sales delivery along with the quality products.

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