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In India, hospitality is an integral part of service industry, it is imperative that the guest service and satisfaction will bring in revenues. Karni Hotel is a technologically strong network that help hotels manage their day to day operations. Karni Hotel POS Software for hotel industry is an easy and effective way to execute the tasks of Hotel Management System. The basic objective of Hotel and Guest House POS Software includes fast access to data to make decisions in no time. 
Product Features
Below are the key features of the software:
  • Seamless integration of the activities of front desk, back office and financial accounting
  • Efficient reservation and registration system
  • It is a perfect solution for room setup (AC/NON-AC), tariff setup (e.g. AP/NP etc.), menu setup, product setup, product recipe setup, forced question setup, cancellation reason setup, modifier setup, tax master creation, physical stock entry, mode of payment, salesman/waiter creation, hotel product billing setup (e.g. room rent, food, liquor etc.)  
  • Mode of payment/cash/credit billing (company billing)/settle in room. In this particular format of Mode of Payment, the cost of foods taken by the customer at the Restaurant will be transferred to the room in the form of “Settle in Room”.  
  • Occupancy/Arrival/Departure Report  
  • Day End Report - At the end of the day this report will indicate the total cash received
  • Product Sales By Day & Time
  • KOT /BOT Analysis - KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket)/BOT (Bar Order Ticket) wise report reflects the quantity and the value of sale  
  • KOT Move Analysis - This report reflects the movement of KOT, if any  
  • Recipe management and food costing is possible
  • Raw materials can be controlled through recipe management
  • Product Sales Shift-wise: This report shows staff and busy schedule of property  
  • Product Sales Shift-wise: This report shows staff and busy schedule of property  
  • Police Report - This is a specialized report for the national security requirement. If the local police ask the detail of the occupants, then this report can be handed over to the local police personnel.
  • Audit trails facility for hotel management/owner. This helps to identify any data – any modification carried out by any person in charge.
  • Group reservations allow multiple bookings in a snap, with special discounted rates for the corporate and travel agent commissions calculated and accounted automatically
  • Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps in generating return customers or client retention
  • Powerful MIS helps the management/hotelier in taking decisions, addressing issues and constructing future plans
  • Nominal accounts report of sundry creditors and sundry debtors etc.  
  • Company billing and accounting
  • Separate house-keeping management system can be integrated
  • Separate laundry management system can be integrated
About The Company
RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Kolkata (India) based company that caters to deliver business solutions for retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing and mining domain. The company endeavours to help businesses in accelerating access to affordable software and finding IT solutions for their present and unmet needs. Karni products bring simple and realistic high-end IT solutions within reach of customers at reduced cost of the project with straight, simple and practical approach in software and IT implementation as per the customers’ actual needs. Company’s portfolio consists of all IT based barcode/ non-barcode solutions for the retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domains with multiple software solutions as well as hardware solutions.

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