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SchoolTonic is a leading edge software solution that enables utmost paperless administration of the schools and other education institutions. Categorized into exclusive modules for each department, the software provides and extreme automation solution thereby allowing the institutions to maintain the entire operations may it be pertaining to the students, staff, library, inventory, etc. efficiently. The software allows all domains work in sync with each other on a single platform effortlessly to enhance the overall performance. SchoolTonic is available as web based, easy to use and interactive software solution that enables the online access globally for perfect management of overall operations with no sacrifice in functionality.

Product Features
SchooTonic is an ingenious automation solution to manage all school operations. This intuitive software adheres to the operations of various domains including students, staff, library, inventory, attendance, fee, examination among others. The software provides the following compelling features to enhance the productivity with effective management:
  • Admin Control:  The Admin Control module of the software allows the institution to manage everything from a single interface. It provides a user friendly and easy to use control panel for school administrators to smoothen their operations in all.
  • Admin Dashboard: An interactive Dashboard within the software provides a quick view and graphical summary of crucial elements such as attendance, fees, students, exams etc. for effective decision-making and analysis.
  • Session Management:  The Session Management module fully equips the institutions with effective management of the sessions seamlessly on the go.
  • Class & Section Management: Effortless management of all classes along with their respective sections is simple, quick and easy with this module. Multiple sections of a single class can also be created on the fly.
  • Subjects Management: May subjects be core, optional, additional, or specific – various subjects can be managed readily with interactive interface of this module.
  • Holiday Management: A highly integrated module to manage vacations and holidays has been included within the SchoolTonic software solution.
  • Online Application: To eliminate the geographical barriers, applications can be managed online thereby easing the whole process for parents as well as school.
  • Student Admission: The student admission status (such as pending, shortlisted, approved and rejected) can be easily tracked and updated timelessly with the Student Admission module integrated within this software.
  • Student Information: Complete student information can be well managed using this module. The module also allows the access of student information from anywhere as and when required.
  • Student Promotion: A student can be promoted, kept on hold or demoted" with user-friendly interactive interface module.
  • Daily Attendance: All irregularities in the attendance and absenteeism can be well tracked, managed and sorted out effectively using the Daily Attendance module of SchoolTonic.
  • Periodic Attendance: Periodic attendance can be instantly captured to reinforce the discipline and control irregularities effortlessly.
  • Fee Allocation and collection: Fee calculation, amount paid and intervals can be recorded for complete tracking of the fee domain within the software module.
  • Staff Information: The details of teaching as well as non-teaching staff along with their personal information and photograph can be saved in the data store for future reference and can be managed the information centrally.
  • Examination Master: The Examination Master allows the school authorities to plan, schedule and conduct the examinations effortlessly eliminating lots of tedious paper work.
  • Marksheet Creation: Marksheet creation based on marks scored by each student is now simple and easy. Integrated with examination module, the marksheet module collects the pre-entered information and generates the marksheets on the go. SchoolTonic makes the marksheet maintenance easier through the provision of marksheet creation (Subject wise-Student wise).
  • Document Management: This module facilitates advanced attachment process by allowing users to attach (n) number of documents from a single interface for variety of records.
  • SMS Service: An exceptional SMS integration facility is available with this software thereby allowing the school to maintain a communication channel with the parents, students and stakeholders.
  • Report Generation: The software empowers with effective reporting tools for wide range of reports facilitating effective decision-making.

About The Company
Shahidoon Software Technologies is a pioneer in software development primarily focused on IBM Lotus Notes applications. With expertise and hands on experience in developing IBM Lotus Notes database, Web based designing, Web services, Xpages applications with integration to other DBMS/RDBMS like Oracle, SQL, DB2, Access and SAP, the company provides end-to-end collaboration solutions for large enterprises. Shahidoon Software Technologies endeavors to expedite the business processes with innovative solutions with simple deployments. Shahidoon Software Technologies targets to design subscription based hosted services models with ultra-modern technology for agile performances. The company, with an experience of over 10 years in developing, maintaining and managing IBM Notes and Domino application, also owns over 3 years of expertise in developing XPages applications.

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