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2,200 onwards/month/workshop

The above price includes cost of 10,000 SMSs'. Below are the pricing plans:
  • Regular plan (Mandatory signup for minimum 3 months for monthly plan and 1 year for yearly plan):
    • The above price includes 150 bills post which per bill will be charged at INR 10/bill
    • In case of annual billing, the price will be INR 12,000 and the user will get 175 bills/month
  • Premium Plan (Mandatory signup for minimum 3 months for monthly plan and 1 year for yearly plan):
    • The price will be INR 1,800/month and the user will get 250 bills/month post which per bill will be charged at INR 12/bill
    • In case of annual billing, the price will be INR 21,600 and the user will get 275 bills/month

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RAMP is a smart cloud based workshop management system that empowers the automobile repair businesses with ultra-modern, easy to use and productivity enhancement tools bundled as a single package. Incorporating all vital operations and processes including CRM, billing & invoicing, inventory management, vendor management, coupon management and MIS, the software is a cutting edge yet cost effective solution. RAMP rapidly cuts down on the admin time allowing businesses to focus more on services and accelerating the workshop business success.

Product Features

RAMP is a commendable solution to manage automobile repair workshops effortlessly. This cloud-based software is feature rich and fully automated solution that enables the workshop management from anywhere anytime efficiently. Secure and scalable solution, RAMP offers online data backups and pay as you go pricing model as well. The solution is equipped with variety of MIS reports providing analytical data assisting in effective decision-making. Distinguished RAMP features include:

Hassle-Free Deployment: Without any extensive installation and configuration requirements, the solution is easily deployable. The solution facilitates with automated backups, disaster recovery, and remote access features.
Booking Diary: Automated billing and invoicing has been configured within the solution. Users can create bookings, job cards, mobile bills, and prepare estimation. The solution has been integrated with SMS facility as well to send the alerts to the stakeholders.
Reports: Customizable reports based on various criteria such as date wise, category wise, customer wise and many more can be generated with just a few clicks. The solution allows automated financial report archiving, track financial budgets and create working batch summaries.
CRM: Entire customer relationship management has been configured to set up auto follow ups, maintain vehicle history, due dates, offers and promotions. The module is an ultimate tool enabling the businesses to retain existing customers and provide best in class services.
Simple And Easy: The solution in quite simple and easy and consists of in-built auto-suggest and auto-complete features. This quick and intelligent solution does not require and extensive technical skills to operate.
Vendor Management: Businesses can readily manage their vendors, payments, payment due dates, payment alerts and suggest payment routines for the customers as well.
Coupons: Customer data statistics can be maintained to update the expiration notifications and validity extensions. Various validation methods can be defined in this highly integrated solution.
Inventory: The complete inventory management is facilitated from a single interface in RAMP. Details regarding stock transactions can be captured and auto-calculation of stock is enabled. Various stock reports, categorical reports, purchase reports and low inventory alerts can be auto-generated effortlessly with RAMP. The intuitive solution contains around 7 lac pre-listed auto parts to assist users intelligently.

About The Company

Shanrohi is a leading name when it comes to web solutions, enterprise solutions, custom development, test support and maintenance. Shanrohi embarks on technology services emphasizing customer satisfaction through timely delivery. The company provides continuous improvement approach in all aspects of the business. Shanrohi is obsessed with quality. Knowing and understanding a customer's unique needs and being able to fulfil them not just to their satisfaction but also often beyond expectation is the hallmark of the organization. Shanrohi is committed to achieving and exceeding this level of performance at all times.

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