Export EMS Professional 3.0

Softpro Export EMS Professional 3.0

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16,000 Single User

  • Multi User Two Nodes, price will be INR 25000
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Export Documentation Software helps manage your export transactions and tracks the subsequent documents. It enables effective management of day to day operations in an export company.
Product Features
This is the Standard version of the Export Documentation Software Series and consists of the following modules:
  • Buyer Order Management - This version helps you manage buyer orders and their shipment/dispatch status
  • Buyer Order Tracking - It includes various registers, details and value wise status
  • Letter of Credit/Firc Monitoring - This solution includes letters of credit details, utilized, expired, balance LC reports. These reports can be obtained exporter wise, buyer wise, LC date wise, expiry date wise.
  • Automatic Generation of Invoice, Packing List Etc - All the export documents like invoice, packing list and other related documents are generated automatically by the software.
  • Easy to Use Reporter Designer - Design your own reports as and when needed, with this powerful yet very easy to use and flexible report designer
  • Start of Day Alert Reports (Auto MIS System) - These reports help the management to plan out their work for the day accordingly and attend to matters that need attention
  • Export Documentation - This includes various no. of sheets such as continuation sheets, packing list with continuation sheets, etc.
  • Shipment Reports - This feature keeps all the records related to shipment that includes shipment register, exporter wise shipment register, exporter-buyer wise shipment register and much more
  • Duty Drawback Reports - It includes drawback received statement, drawback due statement and export turnover reports
  • Payment Realization Status- It includes buyer wise, currency wise and invoice wise status
  • Multi-Company Software- This feature provides total flexibility to the current user and future point of view and it can be used for all the companies in an organization
  • Updates Over the Internet- The software can be updated over the internet easily
  • Unique Full Fledge Document Maker - This feature helps you to design your own new documents or change existing ones as per the requirements from time to time
  • Email Facility for Documents and Reports - It helps in maintaining a paperless green office by using integrated emailing and faxing features. This enables the user to email documents and reports from the software to buyers, agents, branch offices or any other concerned party in MS-Word, PDF and MS-Excel formats
About The Company
Softpro Application Systems was founded in 1993 as a leading software and service provider in the field of Export Management. The company has successfully served over 2500 installations worldwide. The company aims at providing integrated solutions to export companies to enhance work place productivity and making it more cost effective, by streamlining day to day operations with easy to use tools.

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