STAAH Instant Channel Manager

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The STAAH Instant Channel Manager will help the accommodation owners to improve profitability with utmost automation of operations. The software is a foray to enhance the OTA relationship and provide them with never-before experience. Instant Channel Manager is a reliable and scalable software solution enabling instant updation of records of all bookings, export rates, and availability among others. The software is an innovative approach to effectively manage various channel management operations.

Product Features
Instant Channel Manager is a robust software solution for hotels and similar accommodations that enable effective management of operations. The software helps in drawing useful business insights with built-in analytics and real-time updates. In addition to the simplicity and user-friendliness, the compelling Instant Channel Manager features include:
  • Operating System: STAAH software does not need any specific operating system; with an internet connection, a user can access complete operations anytime from anywhere across globe using hand-held devices.
  • Detailed Logs: The software enables logs for all updates thereby allowing the users to track all IP addresses and time of the updates being pushed out.
  • BULK Updates: The user friendly interface allows updating of rates and inventory for up to 2 years in a couple of minutes.
  • Booking Retrieval: The software allows retrieval of all information pertaining to bookings including credit card details provided by the OTA’s.
  • Booking Report & Dash Board: For clear visibility on the hotel booking and incoming revenue, the software provides various options and powerful reports available.
  • Stop Sell: At times, the management needs to control the booking levels at given prices
  • GDS Interface (Sabre): GDS has been integrated with the software to allow pushing rates and inventory on GDS thereby enhancing property visibility. This feature allows the property to be viewed by over 100,000 + travel agents. 8. Rates Talk: This intuitive feature in the software facilitate the users to view room rates on a near real time rates as compared to competitors.
About The Company
STAAH Ltd. is a privately-owned company specializing in the channel management solutions for hotels/resorts, etc. The company has successfully delivered software solutions to more than 2700 properties in over 40+ countries. Associated with major channels/OTAs of India including, Agoda, and many more, STAAH targets to provide end-to-end automation solutions for overall management of operations in hotels, motels, resorts etc. Since 2008, the company has been helping property owners to understand, control and grow their businesses by providing industry-leading technology solutions for online distribution, direct bookings and digital marketing services.

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