Swastin Cloud ERP- Hotel & Hospitality

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20,833 /year

  • The above price is applicable for basic modules.
  • Provides 20 GB Disk Space, 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth, 512 MB Memory, and supports 15 users

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Swastin Cloud ERP- Hotel & Hospitality is holistic software that allows hotels to grow with usability, mobility, control, intelligence, responsiveness, profitability and expansion. The solution allows anytime anywhere management of overall operations effortlessly. This Cloud ERP consist of a complete bundle of vital processes automated to boost the functions and enhance productivity. The extensive interface is quite user-friendly and does not require any specific technical know-how to operate. This solution not only facilitated core hotel operations but is also integrated with other automated modules for smooth functioning such as inventory, purchase, finance, sales, and CRM.
Product Features 
  • Swastin Cloud ERP- Hotel & Hospitality is one stop shop for overall automation needs in hotels for enhanced performance with lesser efforts and reduced costs. The cloud based solution provides storage space in Swastin Cloud along with impeccable software features. Hotels can now perform their core functions such as managing customers, menu, KOT, reservations, front office, accommodation, staff, housekeeping etc. exquisitely. The solution enables the management of inventory, CRM, finance, purchases, et al operations from within a single platform on the go. Empowered with customizable reports based on filters, the solution provides useful analytical data contributing in effective decision making. Noteworthy features of Swastin Cloud ERP include: 
  • Hotel & Hospitality Core: Unmatchable feature to extensively manage the hotels are provided with this innovative Cloud ERP. The core features enable linking of individual amenities to individual rooms, definition of restaurant tables with individual capacity, customized housekeeping activity categories, provision to book hotel rooms through draft, confirmed stages, room booking folio creation at the time of actual arrival of the guests, linking of all the chargeable services availed by the customer during stay for billing purpose, and many more with ease. It is easy to search available rooms for given date range. The software allows efficient management of rooms and allocations of staff appropriately. Staff and payroll management is also facilitated. In all, every essential process can be expertly dealt with and administered with core features.
  • Inventory: Effortless inventory management is facilitated with impeccable inventory management features. All stock movements and transactions can be captured in the module instantly. This module provides a fair view of the inventory status and with in-built notifications, sends stock shortening and re-ordering alerts.
  • Purchasing: This comprehensive module provides intuitive features to effectively administer purchase requests, encumbrance accounting, requests for proposals, purchase orders, multilevel approval processing, contracts, and invoice tracking. Supplier management is also facilitated in this module along with report generation features to monitor all aspects in purchasing.
  • Finance:  Overall finance and accounting operations such as general ledger, journal, cash and bank books, balance sheet, P&L, debit and credit notes, accounts receivable/ payable, bank reconciliation including others are automated in this module. The module also helps hotels in budgeting, allocations, fixed asset management, analytical accounting, project accounting, and enterprise financial reporting for flawless operations.
  • Sales & Billing: The Sales module deals with open pricing, order entry, product configuration, inventory allocations, order taking and deliveries, sales commissions and other related tasks in the hotels.
  • CRM: This innovative ERP facilitates effective contact management, work force automation, and billing. Various loyalty programs can be defined and implied with the help of this module. The hotels can provide extensive customer support, call centers support and execute service orders. The module also offers efficient knowledge base and tools to run profitable marketing campaigns.
About The Company
Swastin Technologies is an innovative software development company that endeavours to provide comprehensive automation solution for every vertical including healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality and many more. Swastin is a team of dedicated professionals that walks an extra mile to deliver state-of-the-art cost effective software solution.

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