Table Service Restaurant Bar POS

21,000 Onwards

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  • INR 6,000/year as AMC will be additional after 1st year
  • In-case of yearly billing, the cost will be INR 12,000 /year

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Table Service and Dine in is one of the leading POS solutions which automate every phase of order entry, preparation and management processes. Delivery & Driver features are built in for pizzerias and other delivery service concepts. Privilege Card, Complimentary bill, Loyalty and Reward point modules are also integrated. Information is immediately available to keep every employee informed to improve customer satisfaction and to facilitate better restaurant management. Advance features like Web Reporting, Tablet KOT ordering, Kitchen Display, Inventory, Food Cost & call center interface for orders are also available as additional modules.

Product Features

Table Service Restaurant Bar POS is all in one solution to manage a fine dine/table service restaurant efficiently. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • Easy to use, Quick Entry & Fast Printing.
  • Touch screen Menu.
  • Remote KOT order.
  • Multiple KOT printing on 1-7 remote printers in Kitchen & Bar.
  • Automated billing with discount.
  • Menu types, Menu category with 48 buttons in each Menu category
  • Tagging of menu item with Modifiers.
  • Free & Paid KOT modifier message like "Less Spicy", "No Onion"
  • Complimentary Bill, Complimentary item "BOGO"
  • Complementary Reports with quantity and amounts.
  • Multiple Bill Spilt modes - User Defined, 1/2, Food/Bar.
  • Table Shifting and Item Shifting
  • Secure Void Bill Transaction control.
  • Secure Void KOT transaction control.
  • User Manager & Grant user rights.
  • Kitchen Display System add-on.
  • Manage stock of liquor/Food/Raw Items.
  • Generate Restaurant Profitability.
  • Various loyalty scheme & membership.
  • Customer History and food preferences.
  • Separate Food & Bar Discounts in percentage and amount.
  • Privilege Card Membership system.
  • Multiple Bill Settlement modes Like Cash, Credit Cards, Credit.
  • Daily sales at a node and total report for the day.
  • KOT and bill auditing Report.
  • Reports on cancelled KOT and Bills.
  • Track the table generating the highest revenue, pick-sell hours, and periodical transaction volumes.

About The Company

Advance Technology Systems (ATS) is a Software consulting and development firm offering cutting - edge and targeted insights to support competitive decision making.

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