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Timeous's PEDDLE+ supports the retail businesses whether operating on a single point of sale or many points of sale across multiple locations and is fully compatible with industry leading hardware. Whether the business transacts from a single PC or via a network of retail terminals, it is fully scalable to meet the retail business needs. It is also a highly functional integrated multi-channel retail system for retailers across the globe. This is built on a wealth of industry knowledge, this increases retailer's knowledge and control of business performance with real-time sales reporting and complete visibility of back office operations. Timeous’s Retail Solution helps to improve sales processes, operational efficiencies, reporting accuracy and internal communications, and identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Product Features
Timeous’s Retail Solution, PEDDLE+, is a powerful business system that adds value by providing instant access to critical information, to help make informed decisions. The solution provides innovative stock control and reports and this solution makes ordering quicker, so retailers tend to order more frequently and save money from being tied up with surplus stock. The solution facilitates inventory management with barcode integration and POS management. Complete CRM features are supported with this highly integrated solution. Multiple tax structures and chain store management are also enabled in the solution. Salient features of Timeous’s retail solution include:
  •  Stock Control and Sales Reports: Peddle+ provides innovative 'Visual Stock Tree' to give instant visibility of stock and powerful sales reports based on various filters. Built-in 'Intelligent Sales Analysis' allows seeing which products are performing best and worst.
  •  Accounting: This intuitive retail solution system calculates VAT on a product level. At the end of each financial period the complete accounts information is provided on the fly.
  •  Creating Purchase Orders: In this application, stock replenishment is designed the way smaller retailers really want it to work. Quick and simple yet flexible, the solution has an intelligent reorder engine that analyses sales flow as well as minimum stock quantities to suggest a re-order profile.
  •  Customer Management: All customer information can be recorded and maintained in a centralized database. Various filters can be used to create marketing lists and email about offers. Demographic information is available with marketing opt-in for data protection. This is useful for supporting mail and email campaigns. The customer list can also be sorted by balance outstanding or debt age for accounts purposes.
  •  Retail Reports: A wide variety of reports are available that allows the retailers to run through any part of the Visual Stock Tree enabling to drill in to a specific area of the business, or zoom out for a more general look at performance.
  •  Flight Deck: Flight deck is an instant, visual look at business performance that allows retailers to select from the drop down list of what, when and who and a graph or list will appear in one of the four consoles. Options include profitability, revenue, staff or product analysis by individual location, staff or the whole business.
  •  Product Management: retailers can manage all aspects of the products using an interactive interface and allows the users to capture all necessary details with images. One of the most powerful aspects of the Visual Stock Tree is the filter, which allows retailers to quickly select groups of products.
  •  Warehousing: Timeous’s Retail Solution supports features for large store locations and warehouses including 'Location' for each item as well as barcode tracking of all items.
  •  Remote Management: Retailers can generate updated reports and manage the business from anywhere with Timeous’s license across the globe. On the other hand, the tills are self-contained so they do not rely on the Internet to work, making them highly reliable.
  •  Retail Solution and Ecommerce: Retailers can control their own websites or link in an existing website and control all products from a single platform using simple 'drag and drop' functionality.
  •  Facilitating Customer Retention: The solution encourages customer loyalty to retain customers through the management of customer loyalty programmes and fast capture of key customer data. Targeted promotions align products with purchase history. 
About The Company
Timeous was founded to simplify the business processes in a smarter way with high corporate values. Timeous strives to deliver high-quality application and consultancy with perfect planning at an affordable investment suiting the enterprise's specific process and requirement. Being a technology partner, Timeous endeavours to offer best in class software solutions for businesses. The company is constantly improving the quality systems to reflect international best practices in quality management, resulting in proven business effectiveness and efficiency. The open-minded approach to business process management provides objective information about its effectiveness and helps to identify development areas.

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