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32,000 Onwards

  • The above price applicable for 30 rooms
  • 20% AMC charges applicable after 1st year (Optional)

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TradeMeSoft Hotel is a complete management system. Fully featured and multi-user, the solution can be scaled up for any size hotel and can adapt to fit the small or large team. All the information needed to keep accommodation, food and beverage, conference and banqueting running smoothly is included in one innovative system. TradeMeSoft Hotel allows full control across all departments of the hotel. All information is real-time and can be accessed instantly from any computer. The solution enables significantly increased sales opportunities through direct internet sales. Rooms can be sold live on the hotel website without the need to go through costly third party sites. There's no integration or interfacing as all the data is instantly stored for analysis and flows between teams and guest accounts immediately and automatically.
Product Features
TradeMeSoft hotel software is designed to management Small and large Scale Hotels. The front desk features for TradeMeSoft hotel software would include reservations management, booking, room availability, and unoccupied rooms), guest profile management, rate management (rate/Tax rating), reporting capabilities, customer communication, night audit, daily ledger, and housekeeping management/maintenance. Back office features include accounts payable, asset accounting, and general inventory. Complete Solution Better Look, Easy to Manage, Secured and User Friendly. Better Integration of Modules/Reports, Low Establishment Cost, Easy to Learn/Teach. Multi User, Network Enabled Serves Multipurpose in Single Application. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • User friendly Hotel status: The Main screen has easy navigation menu for check in/Checkout/Room Service etc. In the same page module, a user can see the Daily Statistics of the room status.
  • Easy Room Reservation, Block/Unblock Rooms, View and Cancellation: Users can fetch the data from online booking site using the Channel manager or can be entered manually. There is an option for blocking the room for booked guest or cancel the booking and refund the advance paid.
  • Multi Room Check in, Room Booking, Hall Booking, and Generate Booking Calendars: Guests can Check-in Multiple rooms on single check and also book multiple rooms for same guest. There is an option for Multiple check-in individual checkout or Multi room Check-in Multi room checkout.
  • Guest Address Book with photo capture: The Address book is the Module which stores the Guest detail along with photographs. User can fetch the Photo using web cam and store the photo and details on our software. There is also an option to capture multiple guest details from same check-in.
  • Room Transfer and Room Change: Records entry of room transfers
  • Daily/monthly check-in-Checkout Reports: A user can generate report which will summarize/detailed the periodic reports
  • Availability Summary & Stay Information Grid: The grid of Occupancy view shows the list of Check-in/Checkout and reservation data on single gird for each room and vertices with Date.
  • Full Fledged House keeping with Laundry Issue/Return Entries and Reports: Helps manage in-house Laundry materials, stock and distribution. The laundry issue/return module helps manage the cleaning of Laundry with outsourced Laundry person.
  • Stock Purchases, Floor/Room Stock Entry/Stock Removals, Room Maintenance, Service Entry and Reports: The Hotel Software has Simple Mini-store to manage the internal Stock and product sales. Users can make entry of Product inward (purchases)
  • Online Booking Engine Integration With Hotel Software: A user can connect the software with multiple Booking Channel using Channel Manager
  • Hall Booking and Management with in-house Catering Management – Software makes management of banquet hall made simple and there is a separate billing interface for Halls.
  • Restaurant Software Integration: The solution can be integrated with Hotel Software where   room service billing from Restaurant Software will automatically post to Hotel Guest ledger.
About The Company
TradeMeSoft Technology is a software development innovator providing full-cycle high quality services to its customers across various countries worldwide. TradeMeSoft Technology is expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology, and passion for IT. The company also specializes in providing services for Application Development and provides a complete suite of IT services in the business applications domain, specializing in multiple verticals including financial services, hospitality services and Banking industries. The company understands that hospitality businesses come in all shapes and sizes. To meet this challenge, they have developed a range of products that work perfectly together, allowing the customer to choose the combination that best matches the needs of their business.

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