Trio Corporation Hybrid CRM

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15,000 Onwards

  • The above price applicable for 1-20 users. Every additional user would be charge INR 1,000
  • The module ranges upto INR 95000
  • AMC charges will be 30% of solution cost

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Hybrid CRM is a technically robust and holistic solution that takes into account all activities of managing enquires, sales and customer relationship. The solution assists companies with activities like Lead Management (enquiry, tele-calling), quotation management, Sales & Marketing, Complaint management, task scheduler, AMC, Rejection tracking, promotions, standby management, inventory, etc.
Product Features
Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • Enquiry:
  • The users can:
    • Save any type of lead/enquiry, walk-in or telephonic or from any medium
    • If enquiry is from any reference CRM will send thank-you SMS to reference person
    • A user can save details about product or package for which customer is interested
    • Searching any enquiry is very easy. A user can search by any criteria like name, phone, address, etc.
    • Advance analysis like enquiry conversion, loss ratio. Media wise enquiry, product wise enquiry, division wise enquiry, etc.
    • Define and track enquiries by stages and send SMS to the clients to thank them
  • Tele-calling:
    • Upload call list from excel sheet
    • Daily targets for Tele calling team
    • Whenever user(caller) logs in he will see his today’s call list
    • Also Tele caller can see his/her day’s target, achieved target and completion ratio
    • Advance option to generate Enquiry, Quotation or Invoice directly from Tele calling module
    • Advance analysis like Tele caller performance report which has total calls made, calls converted to Enquiry or converted to Quotation or to Sales
    • Also overdue call list is available
    • An advance feature by which caller can send the product details or company profile to client while ongoing call
  • Quotation Management:
  • The users can:
    • Save any type of Quotation, walk-in or telephonic or from any medium or even any Enquiry can be moved to Quotation directly
    • If Quotation is from any reference CRM will send thank-you SMS to reference person
    • Also the user can save details about product or package for which customer is interested and the best part, the user gets a section for setting follow-up reminders for each Quotation
    • Searching any Quotation is very easy, search by any criteria like name, phone, address, etc.
    • Advance analysis like Quotation conversion, loss ratio. Media wise Quotations, product wise Quotations, division wise Quotations, etc.
    • Also define and track Quotations by their stages
    • SMS to the client is sent for thanking for showing interest
    • Invoice can be sent over mail to client directly from CRM without any additional attachment, just click on mail button near to invoice
    • Quotation can be sent over mail to client directly from CRM without any additional attachment, just click on mail button near to Quotation
  • Sales
    • Generate any Invoice, this module can be used to generate sales invoices
    • Add any number of products/packages in one invoice
    • Invoice with taxes and without tax can be generated
    • Products/packages can be added with multiple taxes in single invoices, with multiple types and multiple %
    • Also multiple discounts can be set per products, and overall discount for invoice can also be set
    • Product warranty/expiry can be set for each product in invoice, this will make ease while attaining complaints/calls from customer in CMS
    • Payment follow-ups for credit type invoices can be set for particular invoice
  • Advance Booking:
    • Advance booking confirmation can be done in CRM
    • Booking confirmation SMS is auto sent to customer with details like booking number, product name, delivery date of product and booking amount in SMS
    • The booking number can be used in Invoice, when booking number entered while generating invoice all details like product booked and with amount details are added in Invoice automatically
    • Also a booking confirmation receipt can be generated and printed
    • Also a report for booking delivery reminders is generated automatically
  • Complaint Management system (CMS)
    • Whenever a customer/client has any type of compliant/call this module will serve excellent
    • If the customer has product serial number, just enter it in CMS and user will get details on screen like Customer’s name, phone, address when was Invoice issued, product warranty status, product, etc
    • Whenever complaint is registered an auto SMS is sent to customer for with details like complaint number, product details, expected date of complaint closure and representative attaining the complaint
    • Engineer is then allotted to particular complaint, and engineer will also get SMS about assigned complaints and details
  • Task Scheduler:
    • CRM has very awesome Task Management module
    • Task to any user can be allotted from this module
    • Task details, expected completion date can be set for task
    • Whenever task is generated task details are sent over SMS to respected user with all task details
    • Advance report for Task not completed on time can be obtained
  • Standby and Rejection management:
    • CRM keeps track of all Standby’s issued
    • SMS for Standby is sent to customer for details like product given for Standby and expected date for return of product
    • Rejection management keeps track for all products came for replacement
    • SMS for customer is sent for replacement product received
  • AMC: Annual Maintenance contract
    • CRM has module for Annual Maintenance Contract
    • AMC for customer can be generated with products or machines details
    • Price per product/machine can be defined or price per visit or price per visit per product can be added. Also service tax can be applied.
    • The Invoice for AMC with terms and conditions can be printed or sent over mail directly via CRM
    • Visit planner for each AMC is also available, so that user will need to communicate every time with engineer for visit, engineer will get auto notifications for visit
  • Advance reports:
    • Employee performance report gives details about employee’s performance
      • It has details about how much enquiry employee has conducted what’s conversion and what is loss amount
      • This report gives details about how much Quotations employee has issued what’s conversion and what is loss amount
      • How much Sale employee has made in numbers and in figures
      • And how much investment (salaries, allowances, etc.) are made against the business given by employee can be tracked
    • Customer wise and product/machine wise complaint history can be tracked
    • Outstanding balances party wise and overall can be obtained
    • Open and Overdue Complaints and Task report
    • Product wise sales analysis and Sales Register
  • Contacts Management:
    • Contacts master can be used to maintain contacts of Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Service Providers or any type of Individual or Company or Firm
    • Multiple contacts less than one contact can be managed, e.g. contact details of owner, sales person, head of department, etc.
    • Additional, qualification details of contact can also be added
    • Tax details of contacts can also be saved
    • Even anniversaries like birthdates or marriage anniversary are maintained and SMS wishes can be sent
  • Inventory:
    • Inventory can be managed well in CRM
    • Just add purchase bill as received and inventory will be auto managed
    • Also has inventory utilized module
    • Various types of reports like Current stock, Date wise stock, Purchase register, Inventory utilized register
  • Promotions:
    • CRM has excellent module for promotions
    • Bulk mailing for Contacts, Enquiry, Quotations, Sales can be done, even filter can also be applied
    • Bulk SMS for Contacts, Enquiry, Quotations, Sales can be done and filters can also be applied
  • Smart IVR:
    • This features provides a virtual receptionist for every call from customers
    • All call logs can be obtained from CRM
    • A user can listen to the conversation between the employee and customer
    • There’s report available for missed calls
    • Even report for employee wise call logs is also available 
About The Company
Trio Corporation Pvt. Ltd is a fast growing technology company providing IT solutions to Automate Clinic and Hospital Management formed in Nov 2008. The company’s core team comes from different professional backgrounds including, Doctors, Health and Medical Researchers, Medical Representatives, Software Engineers, Sales, Marketing and Administrative personnel who all are working towards getting the Best Electronic Medical Record (An EMR) to make the Doctor's routine easy, efficient and effective. The company provides solutions for hospitals from 10 to 100 beds. The company has undertaken close to 500 plus installations across Maharashtra, UP, North India region.

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