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UniTrack is a web based vehicle tracking system which helps fleet owners keep a track of their trucks/wagons which are in transit. The software uses leading GPS and SIM card technology installed in the vehicle to provide owners with a range of features and functions ranging from basic, real-time monitoring to highly complex fleet management systems. The software also help users manage their fleet in a manner which is effective enough to ensure optimized utilization.  

Product Features

Unitrack is vehicle tracking software which help users check and track fleet in transit, vehicle performance, reporting & MIS, vehicle status, speed violations, etc. The software uses leading GPS and SIM card technology that is installed in the vehicle.
Below are certain modules and features of the software:
  • Dashboard
    • Live Tracking
    • Playback
    • Live Tracking with POI
    • Detail Tracking
    • Locate Vehicles
  • Reports
    • Kilometre Travelled Report
    • Ignition Reports
    • Stoppage Reports
    • Speed Violation Reports
    • Vehicle Performance Reports
    • Daily Reports
    • Detail History
    • AC Reports
    • Fuel Reports
    • Vehicle Status
    • Driver Performance Summery
    • Schedule Reports
  • Email/SMS Alerts
    • Add POI/Depot
    • Manage POI/Depot
    • Add Geo-fencing
    • Manage Geo-fencing
    • Add POI on Live Vehicles
    • Over Speed Alerts
    • Ignition On/Off Alerts
    • AC On/Off Alerts
    • Tow Alerts
    • Power/Device Disconnection Alerts
  • Admin Parts
    • Add Users/Distributor/Sub Distributors
    • Manage Users/Distributor/Sub Distributors
    • Add Vehicles
    • Manage Vehicles
    • Assign Users Vehicle
    • Manage Assign User Vehicles
    • Add Fuel Protocol
    • Manage Fuel Protocol

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