Vanuston Medeil Plus - Lite Edition 1.0

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MEDEIL PLUS is an ingenious software solution for comprehensive medical practice and pharmacy management at the most reasonable cost. This award winning software from Vanuston is a scalable and reliable automation solution with persuasive features. The software provides exclusive modules to facilitate doctors and pharmacists and with more professional practice on patient history, appointments and completely reduce the medication errors, enhance pharmacy operations and business performance. From prescription handling to over-the-counter POS, Medeil Plus leaves no stone unturned.

Product Features
Medeil Plus is a product of repute from Vanuston that reinforces effective management and administration of overall operations of clinics and pharmaceuticals. The innovative software solution equips the doctors and pharmacists with efficient medical practice and pharmacy management with the cost effective automation solution for achieving increased profitability, operational efficiency, and complete control of the healthcare businesses. Medeil Plus Lite Edition offers:
  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • Patient Register
  • Consulting Charge
  • Vital Sign
  • Complete settings including Drug Database, Store Information, User Information, configuration and printer setting etc.
  • Barcode Integration
  • Pharmacy Lab Printing
  • Cash Bill
  • Returns and Maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Drug Details, Hospital Details, Doctor Details, and Employee Details
  • Finance management
  • Complaint register and Royalty
 CRM the compelling features include:
  • Appointment and Scheduling: Efficient scheduling of the patient visits can be well managed using this module. Refilling of medicines for the respective patients can also be suggested by the physicians within this module. Visit notifications have been enabled for the doctor and the patients for their consecutive patient visits.
  • E- Prescription: Medeil Plus e-prescribing allows a physician to generate prescription along with patient information and it outlines the ability to send error-free, accurate, and understandable prescriptions electronically from healthcare provider to the pharmacy.
  • Patient Information: It provides details about patient along with his/her health condition details and allergies, symptoms and complete history. It also provides previous medication details, vital sign records, and visits etc.
  • E- Medical Records: Customized for the best practice, Medeil Plus captures, organizes and displays patient vital signs in a user-friendly manner, helping doctors manage their practice effectively.
  • Drug Database References: Drug Information Systems, wherever applicable, can access more than 40 drug specifications and provides useful insights on pharma codynamics and pharmacokinetics, toxicity information allowing for optimal delivery.
  • Medicine Interaction Effects: Medeil Plus provides valuable insight on generating prescription. The drug interaction feature schedule alerts to avoid medical errors to enhance the patient safety and drug-food interaction effects during medication intake.
  • Sales and Inventory: Sales and Inventory module enables hassle free invoicing. The selection of proper batch by bar code integration helps fast and accurate sales process thereby allowing maintaining stock and inventory and increasing ROI.
  • Masters: Entire repository about doctors, hospital, employee, user, distributors and merchandising information can be centrally managed to handle pharmacy operations more effectively.
  • Finance: Comprehensive yet easy to use accounting module with strong accounting control features contributes in improving inventory and purchasing process, trailing accountability and eliminating duplication of entries. The module also allows to manage day book, bank details, taxation reports etc. effectively.
  • Reports: Standard and customized reports integrated within the software enable to trace all activities hitherto with real time and historical data on the go thereby facilitating effective analysis and decision making.
About The Company
Vanuston is a pioneer in software development and have been delivering best in class software solutions that address technology needs of businesses which are at par with evolving business standards. The company offers high end IT solutions at reasonable prices. The ultimate software products from Vanuston provide extensive user experience for an array of business verticals. Vanuston is dedicated to deliver excellence in all its services irrelevant of the client’s volume and requirements. Vanuston cohorts with clients in attaining utmost values of performance through its rational business process expertise.

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