Vanuston PROBILZ - Express Edition 1.0

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Probilz is a holistic and ready-to-use retail software solution that facilitates the enterprises manage entire retail business and new stores. The software helps streamline sales, purchases, stock transfers, financial accounting, payroll, customer loyalty programs and promotion processes. The software, by integrating and synchronizing operations of various domains thereby enhances productivity. The solution also provides automated operations categorized into various modules and is available in multiple editions

Product Features
Probilz is a product of repute known for its ease of use with rich user Interface. The software solution provides effective control over businesses to the retail businesses. The solution provides end-to-end solution for retailers to manage outlets more efficiently, increase profitability, and support day to day processes effectively. The software automates store operations thereby improving efficiency with an extensive range of features like Inventory management, CRM and Business reports integrated with accounting.
  • PROBILZ - POS Express Edition helps in streamlining the operations and maximizing efficiency to run a quick service Grocery, coffee shop, Readymade garment stores, Home appliances, hardware, electrical, footwear or any other medium and small retail business establishment.
  • Point of Sale: Two stroke billing solution integrated with Probilz enables fast billing option. The sales process and transaction management have been automated. Bar code integrated solutions have been integrated and loyalty program is enabled to establish a long relationship with customers. Various payment modes including cash, credit, card, and coupon payment have been facilitated within the software.
  • Stock Management: Effective inventory control and management of stock increases the return on investment up to 30%. Simple and easy stock management solutions in the software enable the business transactions smoothly and quickly with integrated mails for purchase orders and purchase invoices. The software facilitates accurate stock management category and sub category wise.
  • Masters: A centralized repository for merchandising, distribution, manufacturer, and employee information allows execution of business operations efficiently. The software facilitates users to maintain up-to-date record of suppliers for specific products and manufacturer wise product availabilities. Employee and payroll masters help retailers to manage their employee salaries and payroll structuring.
  • Customer Relationship: CRM module in Probilz reinforces strong relationship with the customers by maintaining effective records of the history of purchases, repeat sales and product promotions. Various loyalty programs, session wise offers and discount benefits help the retail business owners achieve desired ROI.
  • Accounting: The Accounting module integrated with the retail management system offers comprehensive features to enhance the productivity in inventory and purchase management, maintenance of various accounting components including P&L account, balance sheet, trial balance along with ledger entries and financial transaction. The users can record and access credit & debit notes, day book entries, bank transactions, VAT reports among others.
  • Reports: Empowered with customizable reports, Probilz allows the users to generate important reports for effective decision making and creating useful business insights.
About The Company
Vanuston is a pioneer in software development and have been delivering best in class software solutions that address technology needs of businesses which are at par with evolving business standards. The company offers high end IT solutions at reasonable prices. The ultimate software products from Vanuston provide extensive user experience for an array of business verticals. Vanuston is dedicated to deliver excellence in all its services irrelevant of the client’s volume and requirements. Vanuston cohorts with clients in attaining utmost values of performance through its rational business process expertise. Excellence in all its services irrelevant of the client’s volume and requirements. Vanuston cohorts with clients in attaining utmost values of performance through its rational business process expertise.

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