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The Vaultize platform is engineered for 100 percent secure freedom for organization’s data through enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), mobile collaboration, VPN-free secure anywhere access with built-in digital rights management (DRM), mobile content management (MCM), data loss prevention (DLP) and end-to-end encryption capabilities. The solution comes with annual software subscription of AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosted Vaultize Enterprise Platform Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) with Centralized Administration, AES 256bit Encryption and De-duplication at source with 9x5 Standard Support. It includes sharing using link, Group Collaboration, Outlook Plugin, Lotus Notes Plugin, Desktop Sync, Sync between devices, iOS/Android App with built-in editor and Mobile Content Management (MCM), Online Document Viewer, Geo-tracking, Geo-fencing, Active Directory support for Deployment and Authentication, Custom Branding and 25GB Frontend Storage per user.

Product Features

File sharing - With Vaultize, users can share files of any size using secure links with just a click. Users can send links instead of attachments - drastically reducing e-mail server storage, size of mailbox (like PST) and bandwidth usage -significantly saving costs while improving security and efficiency. The links can be monitored and controlled by IT to ensure internal compliance.
  • Enables sharing files without FTP sites or email attachments
  • One click sharing of files and folders from Windows Explorer or Vaultize user interface
  • A user can embed link in emails, documents, web pages or social media
  • Password protection, auto-expiry of link and notification on access/download
FTP Replacement – With Vaultize, for end-users, sharing a file or a folder is as easy as right-clicking it and entering recipient email addresses - no difficult and unreliable uploads to FTP servers. They can also use our Outlook plug-in to automatically replace their attachments with secure and managed links.
  • Share files without FTP sites or email attachments
  • Admin can manage external users with link access rights - restrict access to specified email addresses, restrict downloads or make files view-only through the online document viewer
  • Allows tracking of how links are being accessed - geo-location and IP
Plug-in for MS Outlook - The Vaultize plugin for Microsoft Outlook replaces email attachments with secure links - freeing up email storage (both in mailbox and email server) and network bandwidth. All shared files are securely stored only once on Vaultize server/cloud and a link are automatically inserted in the email. Corporate IT can also set policies for auto-conversion of attachments to secure links.
  • Convert attachments into secure links in Outlook
  • Policy based auto-conversion of email attachments to links - improving security, network usage and storage utilization
  • Replacement policies based on size of attachments, sender and recipients of the email, etc.
  • Save email server and mailbox (like PST) storage by up to 90% and reduce network utilization using Vaultize’s Smart De-duplication technology
Online Document Viewer For Content-Level Protection – The solution allows viewing of files within the web browser itself while allowing IT to control things like copy-paste, printing, screenshots and email. It enables IT to apply content / information level controls on data, going beyond simple file or folder-level controls. For end-users, it provides improved productivity and easier (but secure) collaboration. It supports most popular file types like MS Office, PDF, CAD, text, code and images.
Collaboration - With Vaultize, users can share files with any group of people inside the organization with each person getting the latest version of shared files on their devices without changing the way they work. With Sync, users can work on the files offline, when travelling, and Vaultize will sync back the changes when they are online.
  • Sharing of files and folders with any group of users
  • Role based access (manager, viewer or editor) to users in the group
  • VPN-free access to shared files from anywhere
Mobile Content Management - Vaultize facilitates Mobile Content Management through data access rights. This allows corporate IT to prevent data loss by controlling what users can do with data on their mobile devices. Vaultize allows granular control over copy-paste of content or files, sharing or opening in third-party mobile applications, printing, email attachments, etc.

About The Company

Vaultize is a software development company which provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protection, digital rights management and unprecedented access control for zero data loss enterprise file sharing and VPN-free secure access. The company was founded in 2010 and created a product to mitigate security, data loss and compliance risks that arise from the use of consumer file sharing (like Dropbox), increasing data mobility, consumerization of IT and the growing trend toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD). The company has deployed its solutions across 50+ countries and has offices in the U.S., India, Singapore and the Middle East.

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