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Envisioneer Construction Suite caters to estimators, LBM suppliers & educators that help them to complete multiple tasks on a tight schedule. The software provides estimates and quotes that integrate with business systems, organizing roof trusses, panelised components and shipping product on time. From track housing to custom homes, the power of using a 3D digital material take off is in the simplicity of visualizing what you are estimating and quoting. All material shipments can be organized in phases that match your shipping loads and information is automatically imported into your POS system. A user has complete control to ensure the estimates match the high standards of accuracy.

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About WizEye Technologies

Wizeye is a Pune based IT company managed by a group of young and experienced people with a strong technical and innovative team. The company offers exceptional performance and value in all software products and software development services without sacrificing The Company assure the clients for high quality services that would be unique and helps them tackle the competition effortlessly. The company is committed to enhance satisfaction of customers by providing software solution to address enterprise needs and aims for continual improvement through innovation in products and services to meet business requirements. The company's vision is to focus on the best quality and service at affordable prices.

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₹ 175000.00

  • "Design and Modeling-Software consists of 3D parametric building modeling
  • parametric catalog of objects including manufacturers
  • automatic or manual roofs
  • custom members and much more. Presentation Tools- Create photo realistic images
  • advanced rendering settings
  • 3D navigation & display
  • VR integration
  • realistic mode with real time shadows
  • etc. Construction Documents- Provides powerful technologies that include martView technology
  • AutoCAD file support
  • dimensions & text and custom marks for windows
  • doors
  • members
  • cabinets
  • etc. Precision Drafting Tools- Software includes various parametric details
  • alignment tools
  • advanced CAD editing tools
  • hatching and blocks & attributes. Quantity Take-Offs- Helps generate custom quantity templates
  • quantity take-off from model
  • configurable report writer and helps optimize cut list. Advanced Framing- This module deals in different effective tools such as precision customizable framing tools
  • custom framing infill options
  • framing for bearing and non-load bearing entities
  • custom framing rules and structural floors. Integration- A user can integrate different modules such as basic 2D and 3D file support sketchfab export
  • BuilderTREND integration module
  • PDF plantrak import utility and 20-20 design integration module. Panelization for Manufacturing- Includes automatic wall panels
  • schedules & tagging
  • panel organization and annotation & layout. Quote Generator- Helps create advanced pricing control
  • custom reports
  • point of sale system integration and ERP uploading."
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