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Zeta ERP is a robust yet scalable solution which helps organizations improve the performance of core business and support processes inside and outside the organization. The solution help companies make smarter decisions faster and provide significant labor and operational savings. Guided by the need of today’s users, Zeta ERP is a global enterprise resource planning solution that delivers the choice, flexibility to drive growth and opportunity to the entire business. The solution offers freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking companies relay on to increase probability and size the competitive advantage. At the core Zeta ERP has strong financial, operational and customer relationship management features and capabilities to successfully accelerate business expansion.

Product Features
Zeta ERP is advanced ERP solutions which enable the companies significantly advance their strategic alignment and gain efficiency in financial administration, human resource and operational redundancies. With the solution, companies have the much-needed command to adapt speedily and cost effectively to changing business scenario, market and industry requirements. The solution helps companies across various chores of day to day operations ranging from financial management, fixed asset management, production management, POS, CRM, HRM, Inventory management, PO and sales management, etc. Below are some of the important modules:
  • Finance - enables finance management across various activities like:
    • General Ledger- General Ledger integrates with all modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of financial data.
    • Accounts Payables, Bank/cash - Accounts Payable has a powerful library of accounting and reporting features that facilitate rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation using the Bank Services.
    • Account Receivables - With this, a user can manage customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable is also fully integrated with Bank Services, for complete bank reconciliation.
  • Inventory & Order Process Management - The order processing module of Zeta ERP offers a comprehensive set of best-of-breed components for both order and logistics management. This integration enables the mapping and supply of single-site or multi-site organizations.
    • Inventory - A user can create products or services establish minimum and maximum stock levels, create any number of warehouses and grouping of items with multi-unit of measurement with serial and lot number tracking.
    • Sales Order Processing - allows entering orders and sales returns and print invoices, credit notes, order confirmations and picking slips. An track transaction details and sales information on-screen and in printed reports.
    • Purchase Order Processing - Purchase Orders module provides a comprehensive, fully integrated purchasing system. You can combine multiple purchase orders on a single receipt and multiple receipts on a single invoice
  • Fixed Asset Management - A comprehensive payroll management that has seamless integration to Employee Attendance and Leave Tracking. Extensive and flexible payroll policies definitions including earning policies, allowances policies, benefits policies, bonuses policies, commissions policies, deduction policies.
    • Assets - enables tracking by location and category
    • Depreciation - Automatic posting of depreciations along with different depreciation methods to chose from
    • Transfer - enable tracking of location transfers
    • Disposal - helps in asset disposal
    • Write Off - Enable writing off assets
  • CRM - Zeta CRM assists individuals and teams by centralizing contact & calendar information, increasing communication effectiveness, and improving individual and team productivity.
    • Contact Management - provide a single central repository for critical contact information captured across the organization, which reduces redundancy and errors, enable improved data control and security, and eases data maintenance tasks
    • Sales Management - Enter the leads, access the leads and convert them to opportunities, view all sales opportunities at once or later by using Sales stages, Status, Amount, Probability of close. It can also create quotes and orders for the leads
    • Support Management - helps assign ticket to the appropriate resource, record the status, urgency and nature of the issue and track time to resolution. View ticket assignment, priority weighting and notification request. It can also be linked to online supporting system
  • HRMS - The next generation HRMS offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to manage your workforce from applicant to retiree.
    • HR Management - Helps to easily access and track employee’s personal information’s including Passport, visa with imbedded alert system for expiration.
    • Benefit Management - enables you to administer benefit plans and better achieve your plan participation goals and provide instant access to accurate enrolment information.
    • Leave Management - The solution can automatically accrue the annual leaves days and provide detailed leave records for all leave types. It will exclude the non-working days and calculate the number of leaves.
  • Time & Attendance - The solution has an integrated office which helps identify reasons for unscheduled employee absences, reduce data entry time by pushing the responsibility for time reporting to the employee, and manage all areas of absence tracking and reporting.
  • Payroll - A comprehensive payroll management that has seamless integration to Employee Attendance and Leave Tracking. Extensive and flexible payroll policies definitions including earning policies, allowances policies, benefits policies, bonuses policies, commissions policies, deduction policies.
  • Project Costing - It makes the estimating, tracking, costing and billing of projects easy and manageable; simplifying cost control and planning. With the powerful features of Project and Job Costing, you can identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project. The automated billing features in this job cost accounting software streamline customer invoicing, reducing the time spent managing this process.
  • Project Time Sheet - Users need to fill in the hours for a batch so that labour cost(s) can be estimated accurately for determining the product pricing
  • Budgeting - Budgeting and Analysis by sub Categories, Project Budgeting, Actual & Variance Reporting
  • Production Management - performs the changing of stock quantities (decrementing raw materials and incrementing assemblies or finished goods), and any associated accounting.
    • BOM - Users can create Bill of Materials for manufacturing o Wastage Entry - Zeta handles wastage by allowing Productions to be discarded. The user is forced to enter a reason for the discard from a selection of standard problems previously defined.
    • Disassemble Entry - Disassemblies and Finished Goods can even be “disassembled” - this creates a new Production with the reverse entries from the original production.
  • Document Management - Zeta ERP Doc Store is an efficient, easily accessible document archiving system. Instant retrieval of any document is possible in just a few clicks. Zeta ERP Doc Stores can scan documents and store in Zeta database against vouchers for future retrieval. o Company - User can store documents of strategic nature and which are of confidential nature
    • Multi page documents and image - Helps scan and digitally store multi page documents and attach images to them
  • POS - Point Of Sale module is a very simple, yet powerful, tool to use at the gig to record sales of merchandise. It allows different sellers to combine their items into one large sale. The user simply selects an item to be sold and clicks the appropriate seller button. Inventories and Sales Totals can be tracked and reports provide this information instantly.
    • Cashier friendly user interface - as simple as conventional cash register
    • Discounts - Automatically calculates customer discounts
    • Price change - Enable the user to overwrite sale price with open price key
  • Bill recall - The user can Put Bills on hold (Save) and recall (Call) back any number of times.
About The Company
Zeta Software is a privately held software company that specializes in enterprise software ranging from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and has offices across Europe, Asia and Africa. The company targets to capture the biggest chunk of mid-sized manufacturers and distributors, as well as divisions of multi-national organizations.

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