7 Best Free and Open Source CRM Software Solutions For SMB

7 Best Free and Open Source CRM Software Solutions


Many businesses go through a rough patch because of the lack of any organized process for keeping meaningful relationship with customers. You need to take an immediate step if your CRM efforts are also falling through the cracks.

Open Source CRM Software

What is Open Source CRM

An open source CRM is defined as a customer relationship management software that uses "open source programs" during its development. Plus, all the source codes of the software are available in public domain for users to make changes or modify according to their preferences.

A free Open Source CRM software for small business gives the companies great access over the solution and allows them to further develop the software on their personal capacity.

List of 7 Open Source and Free CRM Software

Give a kick start to your sales and customer service initiatives by adopting these best free open source CRM software:

  • Freshsales CRM

Behavior based segmentation is possible with the open-source version of Freshsales. Now, you can analyse the engagement of your contacts through multiple channels, be it emails, calls or appointments. It allows segmenting of your contact’s behaviour based on the type of activity, thus you can plan your next promotional move accordingly. You can also perform advanced lead scoring based on the website and application activity.

Highlighting Features of Freshsales CRM:

  1. Built-in phone & email
  1. Insights into every sales interaction
  1. Segregates high potential leads
  1. You can access customer data even on the go
  1. Visually track a deal’s progress
  1. Segments your contact’s behaviour & understands their preferences.
  • SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular free open source CRM software for small business, which you can download for free for as many users as you have. This best free CRM software is available in both, on-premise and cloud configurations to help users get complete access to their database easily yet securely. This free open source CRM software has more than 4,500,000 users who are operating their business in different languages.

Highlighting Features of Suite CRM:

  1. It allows businesses to manage their communication with prospects, customers, partners, co-workers and social media followers.
  1. This software provides customized reports that help in detecting areas of improvement without any hassle.
  1. SuiteCRM provides a 360-degree view of sales processes right from lead generation to deal closure.
  1. This open-source software allows you to run campaigns and manage emails with ease. You can automate every marketing task with this best free CRM software.
  1. SuiteCRM comes with powerful workflow automation features, enabling maximum efficiency of your business functions and processes.
  • Xtuple CRM

Xtuple CRM is a LINUX based best free CRM software, and its free version is used by small businesses and enterprises alike. The free open source CRM tools comes with many enterprise resource planning tools, making it easier for you to fulfill all your business requirements.

Highlighting Features of Xtuple CRM:

  1. Best Open Source CRM software for Mac, Linux & Windows
  1. Consolidates all your manufacturing and distribution processes
  1. Helps turn leads into sales to grow your pipeline
  1. Tracks customers and their buying patterns to improve sales
  1. You can plan your workload based on existing orders
  1. Open CRM tool helps meet project deliverable and stay on target
  • SugarCRM

SugarCRM is one of the best CRM suites, with a user-friendly interface. It helps users handle every aspect of their customer relationship management needs from a single interface. This open source free CRM software for small business provides advanced analytics tools to help businesses understand the latest market trends and boost their sales.

Highlighting Features of Sugar CRM:

  1. Allows integrating your business with social media
  1. Helps build the most appropriate business strategy
  1. Creates quotes quickly and easily
  1. Helps increase deal velocity
  1. Provides increased visibility into the overall business performance
  1. Promotes enterprise level CRM workflow
  1. Creates and executes campaigns across multiple channels
  1. Helps manage projects across sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a multi-channel CRM software, helping users automate their sales and marketing functions. Users can use this software to engage with prospects and close more deals quickly and economically. This open-source free CRM software for small business is packed with many exciting features to help businesses reach out to their customers and engage with them across different channels.

Highlighting Features of Zoho CRM:

  1. Helps identify trends that matter to your contacts
  1. Integrates social media interactions with your sales process
  1. Provides insights into customer interactions and preferences
  1. Can be integrated with a number of other software
  1. Segments your customers and allows live chat with them.
  • Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM is a comprehensive free and open source CRM software solution. This falls under one of top free CRM software that comes in both on-premise and cloud versions. An advancement to other open-source CRM software, the free version of Bitrix24 software supports up to 12 users and 5 GB of online storage.

Highlighting Features of Bitrix24 CRM:

  1. LDAP and Active Directory support
  1. Performance monitor
  1. Web cluster visual configuration tool
  1. Mobile ready
  1. Forms a contact base where the history of contacts is stored
  1. Lets you have unlimited sales pipeline
  1. Allows creating personalized invoices instantly.
  • vTiger CRM

vTiger open source CRM software is an ideal solution for managing sales processes. It provides a comprehensive view of lead histories and ensures one-click engagement. This open-source CRM software further assists sales and marketing professionals with on-record collaboration, marketing automation and sales analytics.

Highlighting Features of vTiger CRM:

  1. You can visualize your sales pipeline & prioritize deals to work on first
  1. It helps accelerate every sales stage, from placing the first call to getting an approved quote
  1. Allows effortless collaboration and helps in closing a deal faster
  1. Automates follow up reminders, import emails, update deal records, and more.


Are you now ready to move over manual processes to manage leads, sales funnel and customer expectations? You can change your current open CRM & opt for any of these open source free CRM software for small business or enterprise to get your business on the fast track!

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