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The modern hotel industry cannot survive without technology, especially when guests are its most important element. From booking tickets to making the payment, check-in, stay, check-out and beyond, all the processes are dependent on technology platform and tools. With the ever-increasing competition, this industry has seen its own share of challenges to offer guests the best possible service. This gives rise to the need of robust and scalable hotel management solutions that offer guests a personalized experience. We have thus prepared a check-list for this industry vertical listing the ways a good hotel management software can lead to client delight.

10 Hotel Software Features You Shouldn't Ignore

1. Multi-channel Reservation

HMS can allow your guests to reserve by phone, websites, reception and agents including social media. Hotel management solution can co-ordinate and record reservations across all channels properly and seamlessly to ensure incredible customer service.

2. Mobile App

Not only can your mobile app allow guests to book reservations, but also let them remain connected to information via internet. It can facilitate the guests in hotel search, maps and other location service information easily.

3. Easy Check-ins

Self-check-ins can play an important role in providing convenience to guests along with easing the burden on the front desk staff. Hotel management software allows guests to check-in via their smartphones, tablets or a QR code capturing their expected time of arrival and sending notifications to the hotel.

4. Amenities

You can include applications for in-room dining menus and ordering, guests’ requests, hotel services, account information and updates, check-outs, flight information and local guides, providing your guests accessibility via the in-room TV or their smartphones through an HMS.

5. Guest History

Hotel management solutions delight guests with personalized services by going through the guest history and knowing their preferences, likes and dislikes. Anticipating your guests’ needs and being prepared to offer them that, will surely bring a smile on their faces.

6. Bill-Payment

Hotel management software allows customers to order food and pay the bill on their own through a mobile app, to reduce waiting time for bills. You can also let your guests leave feedback, post reviews and enhance interaction with them, promising loyalty and long lasting relations.

7. Personalization

By offering personalized and tailored services to your guests, you can certainly impress them. Your HMS can send welcome messages on their smartphones, important notifications and even birthday messages, helping you maintain personal relations with each of them.

8. Personalized Marketing

Based on the previous visits of guests and the services availed, hotel management software allows you to offer reward points and packages that they can share with their family including gifts and vouchers. You can also delight your loyal guests with an upgrade or free spa treatment.

9. Live Chat

Live chat is a wonderful way to connect to the potential guests, providing them a convenient platform for interaction. In this way, you will be able to attend to their queries immediately, making them feel valued and converting their queries into bookings.

10. Analytics

Analytics in an HMS can help you deliver experiences that engage guests and keep them coming back. You can gain deeper knowledge into their behaviour, predict which offers will generate the best response and then target promotional offers to provide incredible guest experience.

Excellent customer service and customer satisfaction are integral in hotel industry, ensuring that the clients come back. A good hotel management software thus helps to reconfigure the traditional guest experience to give each person a warm relaxing feeling and build relations to make them want to revisit you and spend more time during each stay. HMS thus plays a critical role in the success of a hotel business by streamlining their business operations, providing greater data visibility and information security, enabling delivery of high-quality services and enhancing guest experience.


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