online billing in gst

Online Billing in GST with Rules & Examples

By Riya Pathak . April 26, 2022

Invoice is the primary document of business transactions, and every business in India directly or indirectly revolves around GST billing. Most business owners in India believe...

Proforma Invoice Vs Tax Invoice

Proforma Invoice Vs Tax Invoice: What’s the Difference

By Ayushee Sharma . February 11, 2022

Invoicing plays a critical role in maintaining smooth business transactions between the seller and buyer by acting as a way of communicating the terms and conditions. Invoices are time-stamped documents...

bill machine for restaurant

What is Restaurant Billing Machine: How It Works?

By Rajan Rauniyar . January 10, 2022

Managing a restaurant or any other food outlet isn't easy. There are hundreds of day-to-day operations that a restaurateur should manage. The most important one is...

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