Bond POS: A Unique POS Software for SME

Running a profitable company is a dream of every business owner. One of the contributing factors behind such a company is effective management. A retail POS software helps in the very management. It makes sure that no sales transaction is left unrecorded. Payment is accepted beyond cash mode. Inventory records are automatically updated as soon as one receives the product and sell the product.

One of the popular POS software which can integrate multiple processes and automate sales transaction is Bond POS. It is fit for all types of business namely, restaurant, food truck, grocery, optical, medical, salon, gym and hotel. However, these are not the only reasons why Bond POS is creating so much buzz in the market.

Let’s read out further to know more about it and to know what makes it unique?

What Makes It Unique?

  • Synced Front-End and Back-End Processes

There are few things that make Bond POS stand out from the rest of the POS software and i.e. its ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ system. Just like in case of web development, changes are made in the back-end so that they are visible in front-end.

For instance, there are categories displayed in the front end and each category includes some products. Those products will be entered in the software in the back-end. And once that is done, you just need to press the ‘refresh’ button in the front end to make the products live.

  • Close Shift

Another unique thing about Bond POS is the ‘close shift’ feature. The software has been uniquely designed keeping multiple shifts at retail stores and restaurants in mind. You find similar feature with any POS software. However, Bond POS provides the additional feature of analysing which shift incurs more revenue along with the products with maximum demand.

  • Tablet Supported

Bond POS has been designed specifically for windows-based devices. However, they have optimized it in a manner that it’s configurable with tablet devices as well. In fact, most of the window designed software works perfectly on a PC but when it comes tablet, those can’t be trusted. Fortunately, Bond POS doesn’t disappoint you. It works effortlessly on both, PC and tablet.

  • Suggestive Name Master

It is a sub-feature of its ‘outlet master’ module. This works like a pop-up menu. You must have seen at food outlets like Dominos that after placing an order, you are asked if you would like to order add-ons like cold beverage, garlic breadstick, cheese dip, etc. These add-ons appear on a pop-up menu. Similarly, for your store, you can customize and set a pop-up menu.

Multiple Integrations

HRM, vendor, email and SMS are some of the integrations facilitated by Bond POS. Therefore, you can manage salary, do mapping with products supplied by vendors and send promotional emails and SMS through a single POS software. Further, Bond POS is integrated with payment platforms such as Paytm to ensure easy payment.

Ease of Access

Bond POS interface is user-friendly. You need not be an accounting expert to operate it. Each screen that appears on clicking its feature is self-explanatory and you just have to feed the details.

On clicking the Bond POS button available on your desktop, the first screen that appears is ‘Login’ which asks for user-id and password.

The dashboard has the list of categories and products under each section. It has ‘Enter Barcode’ and ‘Enter Product Name’ option to search for a product. These categories aren’t predefined, you can create as many as you require.

Everything is well organized. You have a major category and then subcategories. For instance, the ‘report’ category has multiple ‘subcategories’ namely, today selling reports, bill wise selling reports, GST input/output report, etc. Basically, you can generate all types of reports in the Report section.

Final Thoughts

Bond POS not only provides you with the basic features that a POS software must have. It will surprise you with certain advanced features which are unlikely to be available in other POS solutions. With so many functions and ease of use, it is worth the investment.

Aditi Lohia

Aditi is a graduate from the University of Delhi with a degree in Bachelor of commerce. While studying CA she found respite in writing poems and her once hobby has turned into a full time profession. Her ‘Introduction to creative writing’ course at British Council of India has given her a broad base to approach many areas. She is an eclectic writer, who turns her observation into prose that resonates with readers. She is a movie buff, a voracious reader who never misses an opportunity to travel! BLOG LINK

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