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8 Best Deep Learning Tools and Applications in 2023

By Riya Pathak . May 30, 2023

Summary: Deep learning tools are used in various industries to create models that can perform tasks just like humans such as movie recommendation, image coloring, driving,...

How to Calculate Salary Increment Percentage of Employee feature image

How to Calculate Salary Hike Percentage of Employee

By Namrata Samal . May 19, 2023

Summary: Calculating the employee’s new salary based on factors like the employee’s current salary and salary hike percentage. The formula here is as follows: New Salary...

How Does Knowledge Base Software Help Call Centers

How Does Knowledge Base Software Help Call Centers

By Techjockey Team . December 26, 2022

The secret sauce of a call center’s success lies in its operational efficiency, and its ability to respond to customers promptly and accurately. More often than...

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