Design Thinking

By Varsha . May 21, 2024

Hey Buddy! Have you ever wondered how leading global companies stay up to date and conquer everyday challenges? This is because they follow a Secret Mantra!...

SAC Code for Consultancy Charges

SAC Code for Consultancy Charges

By Shubham Roy . February 9, 2024

Summary: Service Accounting Code or SAC code for consultancy services is a comprehensive category that spans a diverse range of specialized services provided by professionals possessing...

Enhance Online Security with SonicWall DNS Filtering

Enhance Online Security with SonicWall DNS Filtering

By Techjockey Team . January 29, 2024

While cyber threats, security breaches, and incidents such as phishing are escalating at an unprecedented rate, addressing these challenges necessitates a comprehensive strategy. Technologies like DNS...

Best Script Writing Software feature image

7 Best Script Writing Software in 2024

By Varsha . December 5, 2023

Summary: The screenplay software automatically formats scripts as per the standard script format and also adjusts the page layout. Let's learn about the best software that...

banner image for top job portals in india

Top 16 Job Portals in India 2024

By Namrata Samal . October 31, 2023

Summary: Staying updated on the best career opportunities has become crucial as the job market is evolving. Well-known portals like,, etc. come into the...

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